Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day 34 and Not Getting Fatter

Today is Chantix Day 46 and Smoke-free Day 34.

I'm having some more urges this morning, but they are more of the just annoying but not miserable variety. I almost expect this on Saturday mornings (and on weekends in general) as part of the "me time" thing. I'm sure once I take my Chantix, and then either settle into the Sims2, watch some more of our tv series marathon and maybe even take a walk I'll be fine. I've woken up and decided once again that today, I will not smoke. That's all I need to do until tomorrow morning.

I went and stood on the scale this morning and was glad to see that so far I haven't really gained much weight even just over a month into my quit. Even before quitting, I'd gained a little (as in 5 lbs or so), and it does look like I've basically maintained that. This is good news because I haven't really been eating any healthier except once in a while, and the only other thing I have been doing religiously is walking a mile every weekday (and it's so very easy to step away from my desk for 20 minutes with "the work ladies" as I like to call them) and usually walking one day on the weekend as well. My logic is that if I can just burn the extra calories by walking that smoking itself used to burn, then it really should help some before I get too serious about eating healthier. One battle at a time. Getting some exercise helps with my mood and urges, too.

Today I do think I'll do one of those longer 2 mile walks since I didn't walk at all last weekend and kind of miss walking around the area where I live (much nicer than the area around work). The good news is that my shin splints have mostly gone away - not sure if the work ladies are going just a bit slower or if I'm really on the mend, but as hardcore as they are, I do think my shin splints are gone. I never got shin splints when walking alone and decided that they were due to trying to go to fast in keeping up with the ladies, so after hanging back just a bit when walking with them for about a week (maybe less), I'm good to go.

Ack, the urges really are piping back up as I write this. This could be one of those long days. I bet walking sooner rather than later could be a good thing today, so I'm off.


  1. Thank you for the encouragement! Still not 100% but closer each day. I have a friend that is quitting, too. It's amazingly different this time. 1)It was my decision 2)A girl friend is so much easier than my husband on things like this

    I'd like to say how proud I am of your accomplishment. Keep on making that decision each morning. My goal is to do that on Monday. I know I can do this,

  2. Thank you, Sherri! So glad to hear that you are doing this for you and have someone to support your efforts. Good luck on Monday! I do hope you'll either blog about it or stop by and let me know how you are doing. The first day really usually isn't as bad as feared, so I hope that's true for you as well!

  3. Maggie,

    That's encouraging news about the weight gain. Sounds like you are being smart about exercise. I was running a few miles a couple times a week until about a month and a half ago. Time to get back on that treadmill, so to speak.

    Your honesty and optimism continues to inspire me. Sending you good thoughts for the rest of the day - I've got some to spare! :P

  4. That's great about the weight Maggie! Keep up the exercize, I know I have been saying this on all the smoking blogs, but it REALLY helps me stay quit.

  5. WOO HOO for Sims2! :) Have you played City Life Deluxe? Pretty fun!

    I'm glad your shin(s) is(are) feeling better. And I guarantee your cilia are ecstatic from all your diligent walking! (just imagine them doing that group wave dance, my heart just rejoices from the thought of that)

    Things will be getting better very soon...with urges and all. We just need to be patient!

  6. Thanks all! I do think it's very true that exercise helps. That said, I wound up not walking today and played the Sims2 instead...


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