Monday, July 02, 2007

Drama Over (Now Just on TV)

Thankfully, all is well again after my little meltdown this morning. In fact, probably within 30 minutes of my tantrum (and truthfully, no one craving really lasts much more than 5 minutes, it's just that they kept coming), I was feeling OK again or at least distracted enough not to keep feeling so tormented about not smoking. Having something to eat (with plenty of water) and starting another TV series from the start helped. Since we've already blown through Ugly Betty and Kyle XY, now we are watching The Dead Zone (careful, spoiler on the main page for the show, losers). Tom's watched it, I'd never seen it, and I think it's cool that Anthony Michael Hall grew out of that awkward stage - I guess I hadn't really kept up with him since memorizing every line of The Breakfast Club (and from that above link to him on IMDB, apparently I've been out of touch for the past 22 years).

In any case, between not wanting to have to start the quitting smoking thing all the way over from the start and indulging in more TV watching than is even remotely healthy (puns suck, didn't mean to do that), I made it through unscathed and without smoking, and I'm almost ready to return to spouting happiness about smoke-free living. Almost. I can't even imagine how I ever quit in the past without Chantix, but I do remember those times feeling a lot more like this morning's brief little episode. No thanks. This way is still better.


  1. Haha, love your humor in your posts! It's good to have you return to your usual happy sweet chatter about the wonders of quitting and Chantix! :) So sorry you had to go through all that horrible morning insanity, but glad you made it through!

    I've also experimented more with administering Chantix. Last night I didn't eat and took Chantix. No nausea. Today in the morning, though, I also took it on a COMPLETELY empty stomach after the night of drinking, so I kind of expected nausea, but it was 12pm when I woke up so I had to take it. The nausea was quick and very strong, but also very short-lived. In fact, I think mostly it was because the lining of my stomach was irritated from alcohol. So yeah.

    We're precisely a week apart in our quits, huh?

  2. I'm just glad you made it through a night like last night - crazy fun, and you made it. Cool!

  3. Good job on sticking it out. I know that's not much of a consolation when you are jonesing hard, but it *is* something to be proud of (later that day :).

  4. Amen, Nathan. Once the bad part is over, it's a good thing.

  5. Love reading your blog and seeing comments from other Chantixers. I'm on day 47 and reading it is like a "been there, done that". Guess we all are going through the insomina and late morning wakings. I am usually up by 7:30 at the latest, but since I've been taking Chantix I can't seem to get up till after 9:00.

    My nausea only lasted the first couple of weeks, and got lesser as time wore on. The bitchiness and mood swings, however, come and go as they please (not much different from any other time I've tried to quit although I think the frequendy is less).

    So hang in there, I honestly think this stuff works. My cravings are down to only once or twice a day, and last only seconds.

    Good Luck!!!

  6. oops...didn't mean to be anonymous

  7. Thank you, anonymous aka beebers! I really love hearing from people further down the path. Glad to hear that Chantix is still working and that your cravings have dropped down that much. Awesome!


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