Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Everybody doesn't love athletes"

Well, thank goodness we have Allen Iverson to explain that people don't hate Michael Vick because he (erm, allegedly) ran a disgusting and cruel beyond imagination dog fighting ring where dogs were, among other horrible things, wet down and electrocuted if they lost a fight or where a rape stand was used for breeding even more dogs that would be killed by the above method or instead by being smashed on the ground until they died if they didn't show enough aggression early on or didn't perform well enough later. My stomach has been turning since hearing about this (over on Danielle's blog last week - she gives a good quick summary). I get irate when people are mean to pets/animals, old or disabled people or children. Irate. This went beyond even that.

According to Allen Iverson, all of the above apparently has nothing to do with why I am filled with such rage over some athlete I've never heard of and otherwise wouldn't give two piles of crap about except for recent events (sorry sports fans):
No stranger to harsh words from people in Hampton Roads as well as the rest of the country, Iverson said he wasn't surprised by the volume of the criticism.

"It's always been like that from day one since there was sports," he said. "There was always a bull's-eye on us. Everybody doesn't love athletes. Some people feel like we're spoiled. Some people feel that because we are rich, we think we are above the law, we're better than everybody else.

"But it's not like that, but some people perceive us that way. And they give us a hard time about it."
Glad Iverson explained it because I would have been sure that I was just pissed off because it's still true that mean people really do suck, and few things are more cruel than this. On what planet would that count as a valid answer? If you are deliberately cruel to animals, then it's true, I don't love you, whatever sport you play or don't play.

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