Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Getting Easier

Yet again, it is just now occurring to me that it's time to take that second dose of Chantix. It's getting that much easier from the moment to moment aspect. Still, the overall process of quitting smoking is a big enough deal that I think some of the stress of it got to me over the weekend for a few hours. Kind of like a mini-depression after feeling like I've been doing battle for 3 weeks. Hopefully some of that, too, will be getting easier soon.

Glad to see Lakasha is back and still smoke-free. Cool!


  1. You're doing great Maggie. Keep it up, it's a tough struggle.

    I feel kind of tired as well, I agree I think it's the stress of it all.

  2. Yeah.. the stress aspect is huge. To be honest I spend most of my day trying not to think about anything at all. Maybe that is why I have been forgetting my nightime dose. If I actually spend more than a couple minutes thinking about not smoking I feel overwhelmed.

    But then I have always been quite good at not thinking about or acknowleding in any way things I didn't want to. For now I suppose that is serving me well but eventually I will have to trully face all of the fears I have about being a non-smoker.

  3. Thanks Nathan and Lakasha! We'll get there if we just keep going :)


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