Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Go Chantix!

Day 23 not smoking and Day 35 on Chantix.

Lots of buzz about Chantix possibly being effective on addictions besides smoking.

Tracee discusses her personal experience and how it's as if Chantix "turns off" the addiction switch (this is the same Tracee who also has quite the ongoing Chantix discussion in comments on this post as well).

Over at Stop Smoking Cigs is another post discussing the possibilities of Chantix as well as how it's been working for him personally.

Another person using Chantix and quitting smoking posted this morning just the link to the great article (expired, try this link instead) that I've found snippets of all over the place.

I do have to agree that Chantix has been working amazingly well for me, but it also has not been a ride with no bumps. Quitting smoking even with Chantix has still required my full cooperation and attention and pretty much daily re-commitment to taking this path and reminding myself why I'm bothering instead of just slipping back into the habit I loved. I tend to put the positive out there when I write, and sometimes as I re-read things I've posted on this blog I wonder if I've made it sound much easier than it actually has been. Truth be told, if I could, I would still very much *love* to be able to smoke, but I've decided that I'd rather live longer, be in better health, be able to laugh with all of my heart without coughing, smell better, have Tom kiss me and not have to go stand with what society pretty much looks down upon as the "bad kids" every hour or so. Oh, and spend less money to kill myself slowly. Yep. All of that. My point is that as wonderful as Chantix is, for me it hasn't quite been some "magic pill wonder drug" that made me effortlessly just turn my back on smoking, never look back and become a snob about those who do smoke. This process has involved cravings (though far less than quits without Chantix), urges, praying, use of sheer will, mind tricks, blogging, breathing, drinking water, tears, anger, and general stress. It hasn't been all sunshine and flowers - though it is worth it or will be once it gets to the point someday where this is actually easy.

What I'm getting at with all of that rambling is that I think Chantix is a wonderful tool to help many (not all) smokers quit, and if it or something similar may be used for a wider range of addictions out there, then that is truly a wonderful thing. Even still, this is not a drug that suddenly cures or fixes addiction (at least for me with regard to smoking), it just makes it a little (or a lottle, depending) easier for me to do what I need to do in order to quit. Chantix is a great tool; it's not a cure. I think it is important to keep this in mind in terms of what we can expect Chantix to do, no matter how it is used.

The article linked above (and here) addresses this well here:

"Is this going to be a cure-all? No, not for smoking or alcoholism because both diseases are more complicated than a single target or single genetic issue," said Allan Collins, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Colorado who was not connected to the study.

As long as that is kept in mind along the way, I'm excited to see where this goes from here, and I do hope that more people willing to cooperate with the drug can find that extra boost that Chantix has given me because it has made this quit so much less miserable than any other in the past. Go Chantix!


  1. hah, how funny, seems everyone's reading the same news! :) I read that Yahoo! news article in the morning.

    i think it's stressed enough that Chantix only CURBS URGES. that's all it does. but that very well may be the major obstacle to stay on their quits of whatever addictions people are fighting off, no?

    You are coming on to one month soon, I am so excited for you, Maggie! We're such good fighters!

  2. I agree absolutely, Stan. Any good sobered up drunk will tell you that it's taking that *first* drink (or hit, or puff, etc.) that causes all the ensuing trouble, so if Chantix or something similar can aid in avoiding that first one like it does for smoking, wow!

    Hard to believe it's already been this long for all of us Chantix quitters. Very cool!

  3. The box quote at the bottom of your post is the salient point; the idea that addiction is multi-targeted. It's the other targets (the mental part of the game, the triggers) that still give us things to fight with as we progress. It could also be why some people might fail on Chantix, when they discover they still have to be actively involved in the quitting process, they might cave (that is not a judgment, just a hypothesis).

    But, 'Go Chantix' indeed. It's made a huge difference for me.

  4. Nathan, I agree with your hypothesis that perhaps some fail thinking that Chantix may do more than just assist them in quitting smoking and possibly think that it will basically do it for them without much effort. It sure does seem to help with some cooperation, though, and that is a wonderful thing!

  5. Maggie:

    Thank you so much for the comment on my page!!! Ironic and/or something else as it is your blog page that gave me the inspiration to start mind. Whoaaaa...gotta believe in something bigger!! Please feel free to use my site as a link and it is great to know that I am not alone. Keep it up girl...we can do it.

  6. So glad you dropped by, Tobin! Glad to hear that people read my Chantix ramblings. I'll be glad to add you to the links of other bloggers quitting, and I'll be reading a long and wishing you the best of luck on your quit!

  7. way to go. I am on day 7 (quit) and day 20 (Chantix). Keep it up and I will too...LOL. you commented on my blog at this very moment..

  8. Aunt Maggie!

    Yeah...I read about it in the Trib yesterday and was deciding whether or not to clip the article and send it to you, but then I was deciding whether or not I had your new address, and then yeah...

    Anyway, I have been reading along this whole time about your quitting, and I am very proud of you! Keep it some point I hope to follow you down that path. Well, I'm probably going to have to MySpace this to you on account of I'm not as tech-savvy as you and this whole Google account thing and Blogger-ness is confusing me as I've never used it before and I know this is a really long sentence but I don't care because I didn't decide until now that it was time to end it. Nevermind, I think I figured it out! I love you!

  9. Hey there, Matt! Thanks for thinking of me and reading along. You're awesome.

  10. I couldn't agree with most of you guys more. Chantix just assists, it does NOT cure addiction. I am 1 month on chantix and staying off cigarettes, still requires significant will and struggle from my part. I cannot relate to comments I have seen on other sites, where people claim not to being able to stand smoke after being on Chantix for a week or so....On the other hand Chantix, is the only method that I have tried that actually does help in reducing cravings...

  11. Anonymous, you are definitely not alone. If you keep reading, you'll see that I'm still quit almost a year later, but it's still something I take one day at a time. I wish you all the best and hope that you will continue to stop by and let me know how you are doing. You are already well on your way, and this is your quit to be done at your pace, so stick with what's comfortable for you. I still don't do so well around smoke, even now, so I don't hang around it much :)


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