Saturday, July 07, 2007

How to Have a Smoke Free Conversation

After this morning's post about the old habit of smoking while on the phone making me hesitant to make calls to people I'd actually like to talk to, I thought about it off and on throughout the day and thought it was kind of silly. I didn't really come up with a solution until I got home with a belly full of fast food and decided that I could use another little walk (in addition to my daily walks with the ladies at work) tonight. So, I grabbed my phone, put on my shoes, headed out and dialed as I walked, and it was perfect. The walking was easy, the conversation was great (even if I got a little winded), and the thought of smoking while talking on the phone didn't even occur to me once. This weekend I'll catch up with everyone that has been on my "do not call (because I'll want to smoke)" list for the past few weeks.

I've discovered something about walking, too. Even though I have done fine whenever I've walked alone on my power walks, I'm still getting really painful shin splints when walking with the ladies at work, to the point that I'm in pain about halfway through. So I bought some insoles last night that I hope will help in addition to the exercises. I think I figured out part of the problem. As much of a fast walking bad ass as I think I am, I think that the ladies at work have me beat and that we walk at a much faster pace together than I do alone when I can almost unconsciously adjust as needed when there is strain. It's the only thing that makes sense because the insoles made no difference with the ladies today, but made tonight's walk feel even more comfortable than usual. I've read, too, that going to fast can be the problem and that if I don't overdo it too much and gradually work up to a faster speed, the shin splints will probably go away. What this means, of course, is that until then, I probably should not be pushing myself to go with my little group. That's only what I probably shouldn't do, but since today's walk with them didn't hurt quite as much, I'll probably still keep trying unless it really does start getting worse again because I think I have a pride thing about being able to walk - it's just walking for chrissake, no training for a damn marathon, so I should be able to do this. Fingers crossed.

The pleasant side effect from tonight's walk in addition to feeling less disconnected from people I like to keep in contact with is that I've got that after exercise feeling of not even really wanting to smoke. Believe it or not, even when I was (very)(briefly) doing pilates several months back while a full on smoker, sometimes I wouldn't smoke for an extra hour or so after class because it just didn't appeal to me. There is something to this moving your body about thing. This is the easiest Friday night I've had so far on this journey.

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