Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jeez, Keep Forgetting 2nd Chantix

Again, 10:30PM before it occurs to me that I'm several hours past time to take my second Chantix of the day. And still feel something inside me resisting it for some reason I've yet to understand since I'm on schedule and with zero hesitation for the morning dose. Odd. Very odd. At least the cravings again today have been fairly minimal overall again. This week has definitely been noticeably less rugged.

So, now a little Chantix and a temporary break from our heavy The Dead Zone marathon (lots and lots of seasons/episodes remain) with instead a little bit of The Loop (current TV show we are blazing through now, and since they are 30 minute episodes and canceled after two seasons, this should be pretty quick and dirty - that's assuming it's still any good beyond the last episode of the first season because it's only pretty OK but not great now), and finally off to crazy (but thankfully not the bad or scary kind) Chantix dreams.


  1. Woman, how much TV do you watch?!

    The most I've ever done was all five seasons of Six Feet Under in three weeks (that's over 60 hours of video + work + time to eat and sleep, etc!). :) Was also when I quit smoking last fall. :) I see a pattern here. :) Quitting = TV marathons. :)

  2. Regarding the PM Chantix, I think I'm gonna just stop taking mine. I'm pretty sure my breathing problems have been happening because of the Chantix, so I'm gonna take a one-day break and then just take the AM pill.

  3. I love doing TV marathons. I watched all 7 seasons of Buffy in like a month or something. If you haven't watched Wonderfalls you should rent that it is a fun 1 season show.

    I have been considering quitting my evening pill as well. My thought was to maybe start taking just one pill around my lunch time which is like 11:30 ish most days. That would mean taking it around when I get up in the morning on weekends. My time for taking the pills has been pretty messed up as is given that I was on vacation and getting up anywhere between 8am and 2pm and I often don't take the evening pill till after 11.

    Taking a pill at lunch would certainly simplify everything.


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