Sunday, July 22, 2007

Like a Chantix Virgin

I don't know quite what happened this morning. Shortly after I posted, I went ahead and took my Chantix with coffee, a habit I've been able to do now for a few weeks since about my 25th day on Chantix (today is the 46th on Chantix, 34th not smoking). Literally every morning, I've been doing this - throwing caution to the wind and not eating or drinking tons of water when I take my Chantix even though the first few weeks required the perfect balance of food and lots of water to avoid nausea. All I can say is that this morning the Chantix nausea got me worse than it has in the entire time I've been taking it, as if I were a Chantix virgin who hadn't been swigging it down with coffee with no ill effect (or very, very mild nausea effect only) for weeks. I really wondered at certain points this morning whether I would be OK, but I did make it through and not throw up, and after a few Tums (the only stomach related medicine we had on hand) and a couple of hours, I was all better.

With all of my nausea issues earlier today, I didn't get around to taking my walk (well, beyond just down to the mailbox because I am awesome and pre-ordered the new Harry Potter book thingy for Tom as a complete and apparently very welcome little surprise - yep, I do think he loves me!), but I did play the Sims for awhile, and for once I was wrong (did I say that out loud?) to think that the urges would be bad today because they really weren't. Maybe feeling nauseous as hell for awhile took care of that. Whatever - haven't smoked, haven't wanted to, will take Chantix with food and water again for the next handful of doses before going back to the coffee method.

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