Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Links Issues

I've been known to have a lot of "issues." Today for some reason the links (over on your left, no, your other left) to the other Chantix blogger people's blogs (yes, I'm an English major) were temporarily all screwed up and not showing all of them at once. No clue what del.icio.us was up to, but after re-labeling, tweaking and resetting, all is good now. I could have just done a regular blogroll, but I thought it would be convenient if I just tagged appropriately in del.icio.us so that they would automatically update here. Turns out, just adding a regular blog roll would have been easier. Some day I'll do that. But it probably won't be today. So, welcome back if you fell off the list; I still love you.

Today is still going really nicely, and if I haven't annoyed everyone within reading, physically seeing or hearing me radius with all of my sunshine up your tushy today because I am a *Happy Non-Smoker* today, don't worry, the day is young.

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  1. I'm with ya...the day is young. I was thinking today if I could just sleep through the afternoon and evening this would be a piece of cake...or a pile of cake which is half "piece of cake" and half "pile of #$%^"!!!

    Anywho...don't let me spoil your great day. We always have to enjoy them when we get them cuz who knows what tomorrow will bring.

    I can hardly wait to get back into my coffee only breakfast, I think. They say breakfast is healthy for you so maybe it will be breakfast and a very small lunch. At my age I don't want to get fat because then I will have to wear shorts, white tank tops and knee high black socks on vacation!!!! LMAO..take care and keep it simple.


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