Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Math Makes Me Pukey

So as I was looking my posts since Friday, I realized that there is a very good reason why I wasn't a math major. Apparently I can't do basic addition. Somewhere around Friday or so, I started saying I had one less day on Chantix and one more day smoke-free. It's all corrected now because I'm anal that way. In any case, as I looked at my scorecard (calendar where I meticulously recounted because my brain doesn't work right), today is Day 15 not smoking (which I know is right because it's the start of my 3rd week - yay me!) and Day 27 on Chantix (I know I started on a Wednesday, so just trust me on this one). If you are subscribed, you might see a bazillion updates because I tried to fix each one - sorry.

About the little experiments I did on Saturday and how I didn't get nauseous taking Chantix on an empty stomach but with water and then without water but with my iced coffee and how they worked so well without nausea? Something very different goes on during a workday because the morning Chantix dose made me feel nauseous and icky this morning even with my little granola bar thingy breakfast and lots of water. Maybe I'm allergic to work? Or trying to do the Chantix/Days Quit math? At least I'm back to just the regular swat away urges instead of yesterday's hell cravings.

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  1. From my last quit, the whole first month was pretty miserable. Second month was better by a noticeable degree. Keep on pushing through, lil by lil.


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