Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Chantix / Quitting Smoking Linky Loos

I keep running across new linky loos (that's Maggie-speak for links) that I want to share, and since last time was on a Wednesday, and today happens to also be a Wednesday (thank God it's no longer Monday - is it Friday yet?), I'm considering doing the same every Wednesday. If it works out that way. I've committed not to smoke today - that's about it for right this moment, so let's not get too cozy with my other idea just yet.

In any case, rather than spread this stuff out all over the place on my blog (though you can search for stuff up at the top or sort by tags), I'll be updating the previous Linky Loos post to include all this good new stuff, but for now here they are:

Current, Regularly Updated Blogs I Read Daily:
  • Tabatha's Journey - Tabatha's blog. I ran across Tabatha and felt connected because we are the same age and because I was touched both her urgent reasons to quit smoking as well as her readiness and willingness to get on with this thing. Tabatha started taking Chantix on 7/17/07.
  • Linda's Recoveries - Linda's blog. Linda is committed to staying quit whether she goes off of the Chantix earlier than planned or not, and she started down this journey with Chantix on 6/11/07 (if my math is right). I love the sense of freedom that shines through!
  • yet another chantix blog - Ellie's blog. Ellie wound up signing up with blogger just to leave some comments, and next thing she knew, she'd jumped right into starting her own blog about her own Chantix experience which started on 7/17/07.
Websites, Articles, Guides, No Longer Updated Blogs and Misc Good Links:
  • Information About Smoking - Center for Young Women's Health - a nice one pager full of a nice variety of information I wish I'd read when I was 12 years old - not that I would have listened
  • Quit Smoking - - I don't know how I missed this last time and only put it under forums, but in addition to that, there is a bucket load of information about everything related to quitting smoking
  • - A powerhouse of information on all different topics related to quitting smoking. They also have some interactive areas such as to a Yahoo! group for people quitting as well as a chatroom. Beware some of the ads are well blended throughout.
  • Cranky Daze - Time to Quit - Get a little wound up about the tax burden on smokers and add it to your reasons to quit or be glad that you already did (definitely gave me another reason)
  • Quitnet - Another very active site I don't know how I overlooked until now. Most of the forums are free, but they also have some "premium membership" features.
That's all for now. I need more coffee.

PS. I've gotten rid of that crazy-making feed that was acting up and making me nutty(-ier). Now the links to people's blogs have a more permanent and loving forever home, still to the left (unless I change the page format someday - then try the right), where one or five at a time won't just get randomly abducted by Mars knows what whenever I add a new blog to the list. There's room in my heart for you all.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Maggie! And for all the support you give in your comments to me and others. Having a sense of community here is already making me feel more committed.

    OK, off to sleep while I still can!

  2. Thanks so much, Ellie. It means a lot, and this helps me, too.

  3. Just an fyi... I have been directing quite a few people to this site since you have a great list of links.


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