Friday, July 27, 2007

Mountain Air

Today is Chantix Day 51 and Smoke-free Day 39.

Having the opportunity to drive in the mountains yesterday was incredible as always. Breathing in a lungful of fresh mountain air and being able to smell it with more definition (or something) felt so incredibly good and gave me one more thing to add to my list of reasons to stay quit. Just those 3 words: breathing mountain air. I also had very few urges again yesterday and continue to feel like I'm making some serious progress. It's getting easier again.

Now, for anyone interested, more about what we were doing up there and why I still left pissed off even if my lungs felt awesome.

Tom and I like to drive around looking for the "perfect" campsite (it's almost as much fun as actual camping, and you know I have a spreadsheet to keep track of places), and it amazes me how difficult it can be to find one. It's ridiculous to us that anyone would create a campground with all of the campsites completely out in the open almost like one big empty field where everyone is supposed to pitch a tent and still see everyone else and their tents out in the wide open. For us, this is a deal breaker because even just a few decent bushes between campsites would give some measure of seclusion and privacy and actually make it enjoyable to camp. Is that asking too much? Are we the only ones who feel this way? I go camping to get away from people, not be around more of them, so why would I want to be able to see what a stranger is having for breakfast or hear the details of their conversation while I'm trying to get away from it all and be one with nature or whatever I'm out there doing in between eating hot dogs over the fire? I also like to be outside in my favorite flannel camping PJs for breakfast - it's just a camping thing I do, but I'd prefer I not have an audience (at least until I've had some coffee by whatever method of coffee making we are trying that camp trip). We were so excited to check this place out because it truly is a gorgeous place, so we were really disappointed that we will never camp there because they laid it out wrong.

We may go back up there to walk along some of the trails someday if we are in the area again, though, and I definitely want to still be smoke-free for that!


  1. I feel ya!! I was in the mountains yesterday for the first time since I quit. Ah...the fresh air!! Isn't it nice??!! :D

    I'm a new blogger (only 2 posts so far) but I've been reading yours and Stans since I started the Chantix. You have been an inspiration for me. I can totally relate to your post today. You *will* get to smell fresh mountain air again!!

  2. Thanks for saying hi, Jaime! Always great to hear others having success with Chantix, too. Mountain air as a non-smoker rocks!

  3. Ahh yes me and my sister also enjoy driving around to various campsites to find the "perfect" one. If I had my way I would probably spend my entire summer camping but apparently they like me to be a bit cleaner than camping allows for when I go to work :(

  4. Me, too, Lakasha. I love camping and wish I could go more.

  5. Hey, girl, keep it up! ;) I'm right behind ya!

  6. hi ya maggie.......Ya know I too wonder why they put camping out in the open thats not camping. We went a few years ago to a park here in Indiana and FOUND the perfect site. We have always planned to go back just haven't yet......maybe next year we can go who knows. but anyway.....Glad your enjoying the "fresh" air. I'm with ya girl. Keep it up!!!

  7. Good to see you, Stan!

    Tabatha, so glad I'm not the only one that doesn't think a tent out in the open isn't real camping. Just think - if you do go next year, that fresh air will be even more incredible. You are doing great!


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