Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Next Level of Lung

Today is Chantix Day 50 and Smoke-free Day 38.

While half asleep this morning and hitting the snooze button however many times I do that (yep, I'm one of those - sorry, Tom), it occurred to me to take a deep breath. Maybe I was dreaming something goofy. Who knows. I just know that I took a deep breath, and then it's like it kept going to another level of lung or something. I went back to sleep, but now awake throughout the morning, I've been keeping entertained by doing this once in awhile and just marveling that not only can I breath so deep without it hurting or without coughing, but I've made it to some new level. Breathing always helps me through cravings, but I didn't know I'd get such a kick out of something like this. Apparently I do. This could be one of those days I go sappy on the cilia thing because I am just so impressed with my body's forgiveness after all of the not listening and smoking anyway I did. Quitting smoking is the best decision I have ever made. Letting Chantix help me is right up close to that.

Today begins the last pack of the 2nd box of Chantix, or said another way, in a week I'll start my 3rd and likely final month of Chantix (if that makes no sense at all, great description and pictures of Chantix prescription and packaging in this OnThePharm post). In any case, when I took that last pack out of the box I realized that I'm more than halfway done on the Chantix journey itself. It's too early for me to get too excited or scared about it quite yet, but I do have to say that I am very much looking forward to both being off of Chantix while also still not smoking once that time comes.

I just took another deep breath as I wrote that last sentence, and it was delicious.

PS - We finished our tv series marathon of How I Met Your Mother, and it was all just plain awesome. This is a great show to check out if you have never seen it and love to laugh. The other night I laughed so hard for so long that my face and stomach hurt, and I had to read the subtitles because I couldn't hear a thing (we always have subtitles on, thankfully). Best of all, I didn't cough. At all. This was a huge reason on my list of reasons I wanted to quit smoking, and this was the best reward watching that show.


  1. Your doing awesome maggie I cannot wait til I get some more lung function back....Keep it up.....

  2. Thank you, Tabatha! I look forward to hearing your successes and better breathing as you keep going, too!


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