Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oops, I Missed a Chantix

Day 31 Smoke-free / Day 43 Chantix / Officially 1 calendar month for real!

Somehow last night while reading blogs and playing the Sims2 (took a break for a few months or so, went back to it last night, Seasons is still cool - it rains, it snows, there are plant people, I'm being geeky again about the Sims), I never got around to taking the second dose of Chantix.

I've seen this asked, so here's usually when I take the second dose of Chantix:
  • When I first started taking the 2 doses, my logical mind thought 12 hours apart sounded right, so I was taking it about 8AM and about 8PM or so.
  • When I got to the part where you actually have to not smoke anymore while on Chantix (day 8 for most, day 13 for me), I was having the worst cravings and urges mostly after work, so I still took my 8AM-ish dose and started taking the second dose around 5PM or so, and either it helped, or I was just getting better at handling them.
  • When I was still not smoking but also not going nutty in the evenings as much anymore, I still took the morning pill around 8AM and started taking the 2nd Chantix pill pretty much "whenever" at night.
My "whenever" last night turned into "not ever" last night, but I'm awake, alive, not smoking, and if I think I'm having a couple extra urges this morning, I bet it's all in my head (with a bunch of other odd collections). I'll probably hang onto that extra unswallowed pill for when it gets close to the end of the Chantix part of this journey because I do plan to taper off gradually.

I have more, but I also have work, so in the meantime, there are some new links to a few more bloggers over there on the left. And the whole way of doing that will be going bye-bye in exchange for just posting them in a list of links manually added like normal people do because I went through another battle with it last night with links MIA for awhile. I couldn't sleep until I fixed it because I'm like that, and it turned into another very late night.


  1. Congrats on an official month! If I remember correctly, that was one of my fav milestones last time around.

    We calmed down on the Sims 2 after a while, since it would start lagging once in awhile, but I might just spring for that video card soon. I need to green up my social!

    Hey, just noticed that your blogroll called me cool. Thanks for that. :) I'm still working my way through those.

    I should stop doing stuff in the real world, and spend some more time on this computer, I feel like such a slacker this week!

  2. Thanks, Chris!

    I wound up getting rid of custom content, reinstalling everything, and it got rid of the lag because it had gotten to the point of barely playable - I need an upgrade, too... The Sims are always nice to come back to after a break.

    Funny, I feel like I should be on here less and in my real life world more of late ;)


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