Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pfizer Wins

Today is Chantix Day 49 and Smoke-free Day 37.

To follow up from yesterday's post about my Chantix nausea history (nutshell version: bad first few weeks, then totally fine, then bad again on Chantix Days 47 & 48, then OK again), today on Chantix Day 49 I've taken my morning Chantix at my usual morning time and with the little granola bar thingy that pulled me through at the start, and I am fine. No real nausea. I still wasn't brave enough to try an empty stomach just yet, but I did go get a well-deserved latte last night (long story about a not so scenic drive through sad and run down towns), and coffee was no problem, so Pfizer (the Chantix people) likely will get to keep me the full 3 months as long as I continue to have insurance (knock on wood, and see SiCKO - for free if you haven't because something is broken that I'm over here knocking on wood and only know so far of Kaiser on the list of insurance that covers Chantix). Besides, the Chantix really is working extremely well for me overall.

Standing on today and looking back at yesterday, I don't recall any real urges to smoke yesterday. In fact, I think they have once again diminished to the point that I'm feeling more and more like the non-smoker that I am. I fully expect that there will be more urges along this path, but it feels so wonderful knowing that I have the freedom now to just keep plowing ahead right past them when they do come simply because I'm not a smoker anymore. That's not to say that it is or will be easy but just that the more settled I get into this being a non-smoker skin I'm in, the more reason and determination I have to not ever want to have to start over again and the less appealing smoking becomes to me.

I'm kind of a wild mix of emotions today for a wide variety of reasons, but today, I won't smoke because Chantix and plenty of cooperation from me have made me the non-smoker I'm getting to know.


  1. Thank you for a lovely and inspiring post, Maggie.

  2. Thank you, Ellie! I keep looking for updates over at your blog - how's it going for you?

  3. All caught up and interesting that the nausea thing comes and goes. Me too. Today I just tried it with alot of water and I had to run to get something in my tummy. Glad to hear you are doing so well, you nonsmoker you!!!!!

  4. All sounds like good news Maggie, and I am glad to hear it!


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