Saturday, July 28, 2007

Re-Cap on Chantix Dose Times

Today is Chantix Day 52 and Smoke-free Day 40. Wow. 40 days. That's cool. Biblical even, something about Noah not smoking on the Ark two by two...or something. Never mind me; I get this way on Fridays.

The other day I kind of re-capped my overall experience with Chantix nausea, and since the nausea had returned (but thankfully went away again, but leaving me a little gun shy), I've lately kind of adjusted the times I take my Chantix accordingly. Back on Chantix Day 4 when the dose goes up to two 0.5mg pills each day (again, best pictures/description of dosing is in this OnThePharm posting), I kind of wondered if it mattered when I took the second dose. I've mentioned this before here, so this is really just more of an updated version.
  • Before Quit (I Quit Smoking on Chantix Day 13): At first, I got kind of mathematical about the whole thing spacing the 2 doses about 12 hours apart because it made sense, so I was taking it around 8AM and 8PM.
  • Shortly After Quit: Daytime wasn't so terrible, but some of the evenings got really rugged, so I decided to try taking the same morning dose around 8AM and started taking the evening dose earlier, around 5PM. It seemed to help. No clue whether that was all in my head, whether it was just getting a little easier, or whether the change in time of second dose really made a difference. Who cares - it worked.
  • By 3 Weeks Quit: Somewhere by my 20th smoke-free day when the constant or really bad urges or cravings were mostly gone, I'd already started still taking the morning dose at 8AM but taking the second dose of Chantix pretty much whenever, usually sometime after dinner.
  • Around 5 Weeks Quit: After the crazy and sudden and worse than it had been on Chantix nausea cropped up, I went back to being careful about taking it after eating. Since all of my best becoming a breakfast eater intentions had fallen by the wayside, 8AM was no longer practical. So this brings us to current. I'm taking the first dose after lunch and the second dose right before bed. Both of these time choices are aimed specifically at avoiding that nausea thing, and it seems to be working.
Each day continues to be fairly easy compared to the first days and weeks, and it really is amazing to me just how well the Chantix continues to work (again, with my cooperation - it's good, but there is no magic pill that quits for you).

Side note: Biopsy stitches come out today, so that will be nice. If you care and missed the update, Not Cancer (beautiful words, those). Hello Kitty Band-Aids will be required for another little while, and that's not an all bad thing. I think Tom melts a little when he sees how cute they are, and that leads to more coffee, which makes me do more cute stuff. And it's Friday, and I'll have to leave work early to get the stitches out. Perfect start to the weekend.

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