Monday, July 23, 2007

Smoke-free Day 35 / Chantix Day 47

Today is Chantix Day 47 and Smoke-free Day 35.

I took my second Chantix really late last night, as in right before bed around 3AM or so, because I kept thinking about the odd recurrence of Chantix nausea earlier in the day with the morning dose yesterday. I woke up to some pretty powerful dreams. Coincidence? Not sure. They weren't the crazy Chantix dreams that I loved and missed when they faded away after a few weeks, but the dreams were still the memorable kind (though they could also be attributed to playing the Sims2 and watching hours and hours of our current tv marathon, How I Met Your Mother - good show, and we are just into the 2nd season).

There were few urges to smoke yesterday, and I woke up today not wanting to smoke. That's good. Now I'll need to actually eat something before taking my Chantix, just like in the old days at the start of this journey because I'm not interested in feeling like I felt the first part of yesterday.


  1. How strange. Yesterday was a pretty bad craving day for me. Today I also woke up (for the first time in at least a week) without any thoughts/desire related to smoking. Feel really good. I started to forget how nice that feels. :)

    I hope you still do the walks on the weekends, because Sims2+TV Marathon-Exercise=So Bad For You That I Will Mention It

  2. Hi...

    After doing a blog search "chantix" I came here...Been quit since feb 3rd...congrats to your 35 days..big gets a lot easier...:)

  3. Good to hear, Stan!

    Egyptchick - wow, glad you stopped by. That's really inspiring.


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