Monday, July 30, 2007

Sticking Out My Tongue

Today is Chantix Day 54 and Smoke-free Day 42.

I forgot to take my bedtime Chantix last night (still doing lunch time and bedtime for timing of my 2 Chantix doses). I'm not freaking out or concerned because I know it will be fine just like it was the other time I forgot and because this really has continued to get easier to the point that my non-smoking feet are starting to feel a little more planted under me. It's nice to wake up and know that I won't smoke today, missed Chantix dose or not.

I had to laugh yesterday after all of my perio stuff when I read this post over on Tobin's blog that he, too, had been to the dentist for a cleaning since his quit (and if you haven't it's really a nice treat and good for your teeth, too!), and his dentist mentioned that smoking makes your tongue's color a little different. Quitting smoking brings back more of the "normal" color, which I'll assume is pink. I'm not confident that I looked at my tongue often enough to know for sure what color it was as a smoker, but I was curious. So, I'd just gotten done brushing, and I took a look. My tongue looked all nice and pink, but was this different from before when I was smoking? I figured that with as much as I talk, make funny faces and stick my tongue out at Tom, he'd probably know. He thought it did, indeed, look more pink. I woke up this morning (after crazy Chantix dreams that have sadly become rare - something about rain, wearing a dress so short my butt was hanging out of it, and having to stay with strangers, and more, but I'll spare you), and first thing out of bed after hitting "go" on the coffee Tom had set up for me last night, I ran to take a look at my tongue to see what color it was. It wasn't quite as pink as after a good brushing, but I think it looks pretty good, and I'll take Tobin's dentist's word on the rest it since I'll admit I know little about tongue health. In any case, I do know that not smoking can't be bad for the tongue, and it no longer has poison coating itself on there with each drag, so that has to be an improvement.

And now I need to go take off the Chicago Cubs t-shirt I wore to bed and get into my full Cubs gear because the game starts soon, and I get to watch it even way the hell out here on the left coast today, and they are just a game and a half behind Milwaukee for first place in their division. For non-sports people like I am on every other sport, it just means that this season it's not yet impossible that they could make it to the World Series (and hopefully, please dear God, win), something they haven't won since, mmm, bloody 1908! Being born a Cubs fan is a not for those with a frail spirit because anything can happen (and usually bad stuff does), but I'll say again as all Cubs fans say at the start of every season, though rarely in July by when all hope has usually been brutally dashed to a pulp, "wow, this really could be the year." Long suffering. 1908. It's time. Go Cubs Go!


  1. Being a huge Cubs fan myself, all I can say is "Go Cubs!" How about Big Z today, huh?

  2. Yep, very good stuff! And now St. Louis just came ahead of the Brewers, so Cubbies might be even closer. Fingers crossed.


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