Tuesday, August 07, 2007

7 Weeks and More Maggie Math

Today is Chantix Day 62 and Smoke-free Day 50. All of that also means that it was Seven Weeks ago, back on June 18, 2007 that I quit smoking, and honestly, I can't believe it's already been that long. It's funny how the days just keep adding themselves up and stringing themselves together.

According to the Quit Meter thing above, that's 740 cigarettes not smoked since quitting - I'm trying to even imagine how damn big a pile of 740 cigarettes would be (or their nasty stinky butts that I used to have by the bag load from dumping my ashtray - ew). I had already cut down to roughly 15 smokes a day for quite awhile before quitting, so in my previous smoking years (most especially in Japan), this would have been more like double and then some. The other Quit Counter thing that I have on my computer at home tells me how many days/hours I've added to my life, and that's interesting, but it's not concrete (I mean, I could still walk in front of a bus today, right?). What I do find interesting and is more concrete is the amount of actual time I've spent not smoking since quitting. Here's where we go Maggie Math for a Minute (always subject to being completely inaccurate because none of my majors required even a single math class, not one):

740 cigarettes x avg 4 minutes each = 2960 minutes = 49.33 HOURS!

I don't do that fancy new math they taught the kids for awhile (do they still do that?), but I do know that 49.33 hours is a couple of days and a very long time to have been wasting and poisoning myself, no less, since most of those smokes were while I had to entirely stop what I was doing in order to walk outside. Granted, I now understand how I got halfway through a book in no time before quitting that I've now made it through only the same 3 pages I keep reading since quitting, but sheesh, that's a lot of hours!

Now, if I could just figure out where those hours went and what I've done with the $148 not spent (I recall Tobin once wondering the same...), that wouldn't be bad either. For now, just knowing that both time and money were indeed saved and well-spent (trust me, that much I do know), plus knowing how damn good the smell of fresh mowed grass was on the way to work this morning, makes me ready to take on another smoke-free day to add to the little string I've got going.

I've heard back from both my doctor as well as my pharmacist about my plan to taper off the Chantix, so I'll be posting details at some point before too terribly long once I get it all into a coherent form. I will say that I was quite surprised.


  1. Love to hear what your doctor has to say since I'm just beginning my 2nd month. Please feel free to link to my blog. We're all here to help others. Not sure mine will always be about the smoke free topic.

  2. Daaaarn, what, we are getting teasers now? Hurry up, woman! :)

  3. Sherri, you've been added! Even if it's not all Chantix/all quit all the time on your blog, it's still nice to read along. My blog used to be about other random stuff way back... ;)

    Stan :) Sorry for the teaser.

  4. Maggie:
    I must tell you how much I have been inspired by your blog and all of the other Chantix bloggers you have linked to your site. You have all been lifesavers for me. I am 24 days (14 hrs and some minutes & seconds :)) smoke-free and 38 days on chantix. I can hardly wait to read your tapering off plan. My insurance does not cover this miracle drug but found it at Walmart for $118 (I usually won't shop there due to their horrendous record of employee discrimination but made an exception this once).In an effort to stretch the Chantix out as much as possible, I have cut back to 1 a day for the past week and it seems to be working. The urges over the weekend were pretty strong, several times maybe even classified as cravings, but didn't last long and I got through them.
    Thanks again for blogging your experiences...a huge help..and keep up the good work.
    Becky in Tennessee ( a neighbor of Bay's Travails)

  5. Hi Becky! Thank you for your kind words. It's incredible to me that more insurance companies don't cover Chantix, but I am glad to hear that you were able to get some and are stretching it out. I think that would be my exact plan of attack. And many, many congrats on 24 days (plus the hours and minutes ;))

    I will be posting more on my tapering plan soon, hopefully yet today. I almost have it all together.


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