Tuesday, August 21, 2007

9 Weeks and a Different Kind of Tired

Today is Chantix Day 76 and Smoke-free Day 64.

For some reason realizing that I'm at 9 weeks smoke-free kind of startled me, in a good way, of course. That just seems like kind of a long time not to have had a cigarette compared to every hour or two back in my former life, back when I was a smoker instead of a non-smoker. I do know that I still don't get to light up to celebrate as I kick back on my laurels or anything like that, but it's still a great feeling.

Plus, I'm all kinds of excited that it's this Wednesday, the 22nd, that I'll get to start tapering off of Chantix, and I still really am looking forward to it. Of course, tapering means that I'll have been on Chantix for just over 13 weeks instead of just 12 weeks, and almost a full dose for the first part of that (see link above to my calendar), but if tapering does help to prevent the onset of any stronger urges (some swear it does, some are sure there's no difference, my doctor and both pharmacists say no harm in tapering just in case - check with yours), then it will be well worth it to me to stick it out for another week having come this far.

After my productive and yummy cooking day yesterday, I wound up baking Tom a cake late last night because he is cute and supportive and really wanted one. Of course, by the time it cooled enough to frost (well, he frosted, and I caught up on some blogs), it was even later. Then by the time we ate some (I know, cake before bed, bad) it was about 2AM. Even for me, that's a little late. Yep, I'm a little tired today, but I gotta tell you, I really, really notice the positive difference not smoking makes on my energy level when I do this night owl thing. In fact, I've noticed it both ways going from quit to smoking again in the past and then now from smoking to quit.

When I was goofy enough to have started smoking again last time, within just a few days I noticed that same old dragging and sleepy and just tired all the way to my bones feeling throughout the day and often felt like I had to nap in my car at lunch to even survive the rest of the day. It was literally within a few days of taking up the poison habit again that the dead tired thing returned, and it was so apparent to me by contrast to the week before that when I hadn't been smoking. Thankfully, the reverse has also been true for me, and so now smoke-free again, while I am a little tired today after a late night, I'm not feeling like I'll never make it to the end of the day or like I need to curl up in a little ball under my desk. I just feel a little tired. Perhaps skin deep tired, but definitely not tired in my bones. Nothing a cup of coffee can't fix ;)


  1. I know what you mean. When I was smoking I would leave work at the end of the day and I would drag myself home the hour and 10 minute commute. It was a nightmare. Now I am usually still singing along to the tunes when I get to my house.

    I also used to go to bed at 9:30-10 pm, now I am regularly up until 12 or 1 am and I get up at 6:30 for work. I still get tired, but not demoralizingly tired.

    Between quitting smoking and running my energy is through the roof.

  2. You guys are such a great inspiration! Maggie, I'm so excited for you...tapering off in 2 days!!! I just keep thinking, that will be me soon!! Best of luck to you!!

  3. I haven't noticed any difference at all with how tired I am. Hubby said I was talking and thrashing in my sleep last night. He said I seemed scared. I don't remember my dreams though.

  4. I am so super excited to see how your taper goes Maggie.
    Your post are always so great I love em!

  5. Nathan - yes, demoralizing kind of tired. Perfect description!

    MsTek - The time will be here before you know it. The days just add up.

    Tasina - I do hope that you'll get the energy boost. It's subtle, but it's nice.

    Tabatha - Thank you! I love reading along with you, too.

  6. I noticed that after having quit for several months my skin became a lot softer and my overall expression was a lot calmer.

  7. Nancy, thank you for one more thing I have to look forward to. I hadn't noticed much skin change, but I also didn't really look :) At least I'm no longer making it worse.

  8. I am slowly starting to notice - and that conforms to what I read on quit smoking forums - how my energy capacity increases little by little. Before I quit I *HAD TO* take a nap of at least 2-3 hours to feel ok. Now, with the same schedule as before, I feel good enough to exclude that after work nap once in a while, and last night when I took one, I woke up only an hour after falling asleep. Changes are subtle, but quite palpable. I am looking forward to regaining my energy!

  9. I agree, Stan, energy comes back little by little.


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