Thursday, August 23, 2007

All Dressed Up

Today is Chantix Day 78 and Smoke-free Day 66.

As excited as I am that my tapering off Chantix begins today, it really won't start until bedtime since today I'll be taking 1.5mg or one and a half pills, so I'll take the whole pill at lunch, and then the half of a pill before bed. This didn't occur to me until last night when I was pawing at that last packet of Chantix.

I did finally go ahead and open the pill splitter to give it a little test last night. I'd been waiting until the time was closer so that it would be kind of like Christmas getting to unwrap it in celebration of beginning the taper. Yes, I'm fully aware of how mental that sounds. Think of what poor Tom has to put up with... I am amused so easily that it concerns small children who want expensive toys and fear that they could end up like me all happy about a non-exciting pill cutter thingy. Anyway, I didn't want to split a Chantix pill just yet (same reason as above - I'm not right), so I tested it on a monster-sized vitamin. It worked perfectly! And then it occurred to me that maybe I should be taking a daily vitamin anyway since I'm headed in a healthier direction. Maybe someday.

And so here I sit, all geared up for the taper like being all dressed up and no place to go until bedtime, but now with more vitamins A through Z.


  1. I can't imagine the paroxysms of ecstasy you would go through if someone gave you a food vacuum sealer thingy. ;)

  2. Ha! It was on my Christmas list last year, and I have one. I do a little dance every single time I use it, too! The joy just never ends in my mind.

  3. Here we go, Maggie! Taper it, woman! It's the time. Don't you worry a bit, ok?! You will make it!


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