Thursday, August 09, 2007

Breathing Heavy

Still Chantix Day 64 and Smoke-free Day 52.

I started this but never posted it earlier because my dear friend J (whose mom I just wrote about quit smoking on Chantix) and I finally got to have a marathon phone conversation, our first both of us not smoking, and tomorrow I'll tell you how funny that was to do.

So, as I was intending to post...

As I sat down to type my last post, I was still breathing heavy from my nice daily 20 min/1 mile morning walk with the work ladies. I wanted to mention this since I haven't in a while, but I'm still walking every weekday. I've been lazy about it on the weekend, but I figure it's 5 regular miles a week that I definitely never used to walk, so I'm content. Still no weight gain, and I think the walking might be helping with the calories that smoking burned automatically because I'm still finding myself in the drive-thru more often than I'd like and probably about the same as before quitting smoking, thankfully maintaining. One battle at a time. While I had issues with shin splints the first few weeks of trying to keep up with the work ladies, those finally left once I started hanging back when I needed and trying some insole insert thingys. I think it was more the not pushing myself too fast than it was the inserts, and today I took out the insole inserts because they were a little uncomfortable, and I kept up with no pain. I feel so damn good when I come back from walking right around the time that I used to be having a smoke break. My lungs have to be doing a happy dance at how I'm choosing to spend my time.


  1. /me cues up broken record

    After Chantix, exercise is probably the single biggest contributing factor to my continued recovery (I like to use words like "recovery", makes us sound hard core! :).

    Good work Maggie!

  2. Excellent that you're keeping up with it. I started exercising and kept it up for maybe a week.

    Up ten lbs. in a month. Really not that bad, all things considered.

    All things would mainly be that I'm having the laziest summer ever, and eat like an animal.

  3. Yep, Nathan, I do think it's really been helping, and someday I might even try really going for it like you are. I think that's awesome!

    Chris, if it weren't for the work ladies, I doubt I'd be as good about continuing. Having someone else to sort of feel like you can't let down is a good thing for me where exercise is concerned because I am lazy by nature.


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