Saturday, August 11, 2007

Chantix and Cookies

Today is still Chantix Day 66 and Smoke-free Day 54.

Today was just one of those kinds of days that folks have whether they are smokers, not smokers, trying not to be smokers, used to be smokers, never been smokers or some other variety. It would be great if quitting smoking gave you kind of a free pass for say, maybe 6 months of cloud-free days minus any of life's more stressful bits, but there are a lot of things that I think would be really nice, like winning the lottery, world peace and a barista in my living room making endless lattes. Most of the time I'm OK with that overall.

Then there are days like today when I let stressful issues poke around in my head and make me crabby, and I even get some of those tuggings (as I call them - I make up word usage that suits me as I go) that almost bordered on urges, but they just didn't quite have the same kind of teeth to be promoted (well, maybe one or two did, but still so tolerable). As grateful as I was that it was Friday, I came home from work kind of down and in a foul mood, and I was gearing up to be pretty whiny and bratty.

Once home for a few minutes, I had four of my favorite cookies (yes, those above) in an act of minor defiance (or something) since I hadn't had dinner yet, and I started to feel better. Pecan Sandies are so very, very good they are. That kind of took away the tugging thing because it was just such a nice, nice treat. I didn't need to eat the entire bag (though I would be more than capable if challenged!) because I'm determined not to create any new bad habits that need to be undone at some other point - the already existing ones involving assorted drive-thru windows and memorized menus for each are plenty - but just that little treat helped. A little. I was still feeling pretty down and still fairly crabby, though. And so I thought maybe just four more before dinner or even more cookies than that perhaps *as* dinner would...

...just make my mood more miserable and still not fix anything related to my stress. With the taste of cookies still joyfully on my tongue, I put on my walking shoes and headed out on the same power walk I'm always telling folks is so darn helpful. The past few weeks I'd been going just the daily mile with the work ladies but not on my own aside from that, and so tonight I actually started feeling my mood improve as I put on my socks. By the time I got home just a short 25 minutes later, I was all better, and I do think that the cookies helped almost as much as the Chantix has ;) I'm sure the walking helped, too.


  1. Maggie, getting out and walking, moving, something when those urges (tuggins) strike is a great way to release, suck in good air, and clear the mind. I love Pecan Sandies, too! My hubby has a bowl of ice cream every night. I would love to join him, but don't 'cause I'd rather get my empty calories from beer. Walking with buddies or colleagues is great, but sometimes we need our solitude and have a clear mind just to think and meditate. Here's one more nicotine addict saying, "I'm proud of you efforts! Hang in there girl."

  2. Thanks, Sherri. Yes, the walk really, really helped. A beer instead of ice cream - life sure is full of tough decisions, isn't it ;)


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