Friday, August 17, 2007

Coffee, You Ask?

It's still Chantix Day 72 and Smoke-free Day 60 (yay!), but there's another pressing issue that needs to be addressed immediately. If not sooner.

The definitive and illustrated answer to the question I've been asked a few times in the past month is all right here. These are the coffee makers currently living on my kitchen counters. I love each one based on its own wonderfully unique merits. And I love Tom for knowing how to brew the perfect coffee in each one.

This is the one cupper that I've already raved about at great length here before later lamenting its demise here. Actual details on Amazon are here. It was cheap and takes any brand of pod (or can brew using ground beans, too!). So flexible. But it still just won't turn back on. Tom might try taking it apart to see if he can do anything about it, but if not, at least the identical one that I have at work does still work.

This is my French press that doesn't look like one. It's simple and makes great coffee with more kick than the one cupper and less work than the ones below it. This was a gift, and it kept me awake when it was new. The company's website is here.

My "regular" coffee maker bought in January 2005. This is where the magic happens every Friday night and all weekend long and how I get my "man made" (made by my dear man, Tom) coffee. There is no previous blog entry to point you to , so I'll just tell you that you start by putting whole beans in, and it grinds them based on whatever settings you've indicated, and then it brews right into the thermal carafe. There is nothing in the world better than this wonderful invention. It's no longer available, but when it was, it was here on Amazon. They do still sell one that is like this model but with a glass carafe.

And now we get serious. This is where the espresso is made and the milk is steamed all frothy and yummy for lattes when I deserve a more involved coffee treat. This is also the home of very easy and quick little Americanos for a less involved treat. This is also where the 4 cigarettes that I don't smoke live (though I took them off for the sake of the picture). I've had this machine for years. In case you live somewhere far, far away from Starbucks (sounds impossible, but I know for a fact that one of you do!), it's on their website here down at the very bottom. The fancier ones on the website didn't exist way back then.

I do not yet own this wonderful little gem apparently sitting on stovetops throughout Italy. Until I started watching Giada on Everyday Italian (it's like food porn) I had no idea these existed. It makes several shots of espresso all at once instead of painstakingly pulling just 2 shots at a time as with my machine above. Sure, I won't get the crema on top, but lots of still very good espresso quickly and easily all at once is a good thing. There are fancier ones and all different sizes, so I'm still working on details. For example, if I buy the 12-cup one (meaning 12 espresso cups of 2 oz each, not Maggie-size mugs), am I committed to only being able to make 12 cups, or could I just make 4 cups so that I'm not wasting it if it's a weeknight? Once I know the answer to that question, one of these will live on my stovetop.

**Update 8/17/07: On the Bialetti stovetop espresso maker. I've searched and searched and finally called the company, and while I had to wait for a call back, I do now have the answer I fears. No, the quality will likely suffer if you try to get smart and make just 4 cups in your 12 cup Bialetti. So now I have some real soul searching to do on this, and I have until the end of August to decide (a gift certificate issue).

**Update 9/17/07: On August 28th, I did get the wonderful 3 Cup version of the Bialetti Moka Express, and it was perfect in every way, except that bigger would have been better. So, on September 16th when I found the 6 Cup size at Target, I snatched that one up, too. I've lost count, but I have a lot of coffee makers now ;)

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