Saturday, September 01, 2007

Day 75 Smoke-free

Today is Chantix Day 87 (or day 2 of the 0.5mg dose while tapering) and Smoke-free Day 75.

I keep looking around trying to find at least some little thing different this far into my tapering off Chantix (ask your doctor), but other than not feeling nauseous after the pill right before bedtime (which I no longer take since I just take the half of a Chantix after lunch now), nothing to report. Even the itching nose thing that I thought might be getting better isn't (a whole separate issue, I think). Luckily, that really wasn't much of a problem for me.

I'm looking forward to a long weekend of relaxing after a stressful week, and my whole "me time" concept seems to be adjusting to the idea that it doesn't involve smoking - though a latte and plenty of coffee in general is still a part of it. I struggled with not being able to relax and smoke on some of the weekends (which really can be tougher) early on, and then sometimes even later on, but usually it wasn't a miserable experience for the entire weekend, and no matter what, I just didn't smoke, and I was stronger for it and had another day under my belt.

I have no clue what we'll do this weekend, but it will likely be very relaxing, and it will not involve smoking. Of course, the MDA Telethon will be on in the background for most of the hours it's on. This is when it will be on in your area in case you want to catch it. Since I can't give as much as I'd like, I try to catch the local portion and donate when some wonderful company is matching donations so that it stretches further. No one should have to live with or die from or lose someone to any of these truly and literally nightmarish diseases.


  1. Every single time I read about your nose itching - mine starts to itch. So I think this is probably something you caught from your monitor. :)


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