Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It's Chantix Day 63 and Smoke-free Day 51, and I'm feeling pretty darn good.

Nope, not that kind of housekeeping but more on the order with keeping up with my favorite fellow Chantix bloggers.

I'll be posting more later today, but first I just wanted to mention another add to Chantix bloggers over on the side that I'll soon get added to my Linky Loos post:

Current, Regularly Updated Blogs I Read Daily:
Bay's Travail Blog - Bay's "other" blog aside from her Bay's Travel Blog, and reading along with Bay as she says goodbye to a poisonous old friend should be good reading because what a great title! Bay's quit date is August 8, 2007.


I will also be updating the link to Stan's new digs for his blog over on the side and in the Linky Loos, but I probably won't be going through every post to update ;) Do go take a peek!

Finally (well, for this post), there are a bucket load of fellow bloggers doing that first big quit day tomorrow, on August 8, 2007, so I'm wishing each of them all the best and will be hoping to hear how the day went. These are them (let me know if I'm missing anyone and accept my apologies - I try keeping up, but I'm only almost perfect in most ways...):

Joy, Tasina, exsmoker mom, and Bay (yep, from above) - Good Luck! Deep breaths and plenty of water, too.

As a side note to anyone, if I've completely butchered your quit date or some other detail on my Linky Loos, please do let me know.


  1. thank you 100x! you're so going to be on top of them all in my links page! i feel i've been kind of out of blogging lately, will be catching up in the next several days. onchantix needs lots of work... :-P

    Hope every day now will only be easier and happier for you!


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