Monday, August 06, 2007

It Wasn't the Chantix

Today is Chantix Day 61 and Smoke-free Day 49, and I feel wonderful.

I'm pretty sure now that my nosebleed issue was likely *not* the Chantix. I say this because it lasted just a few days and happened pretty much in conjunction with the Eustachian tube dysfunction ear thing that I've had before, and it turns out that nosebleeds can occur with it in more severe cases (apparently more severe than the other time I had it without that additional little treat). This morning, thankfully both are mostly gone, and my hearing is almost completely back to normal. I'm taking myself off the list of those possibly having a nosebleed as a side-effect of Chantix (though at various stages to varying degrees, the nausea, gas, bloating, flatulence, crazy dreams and for me just minor itching are approximately my complete list if anyone is keeping score).

While I'm talking about what wasn't the Chantix, just a something I've said before here and elsewhere that I feel is always worth repeating to anyone considering or just starting Chantix. I smoked 20+ years and quit a few times in between by doing the cold turkey thing, the patch thing, etc., and while I had some successes (over a year once), Chantix has made such a huge difference this time because it didn't involve the excruciating cravings or feeling of just plain suffering I'd experienced in the past. In fact, at times it's been almost easy. However. Chantix is *not* a magic miracle wonder drug pill that one day woke up, tapped me on the shoulder after a crazy dream and just quit smoking for me quickly, easily, painlessly or without any cooperation on my part. Chantix did not do that for me. I've had to actually cooperate with the Chantix and participate in the process of becoming the non-smoker now I am and want to be, and there have been lots of ups and downs along the way. In a heartbeat, I would, and whenever I get the chance do, absolutely recommend that anyone wanting to quit smoking look into Chantix as a serious option, but then go into it with sleeves rolled up, ready and willing to share some of the work. It's so very worth it.


  1. Maggie I love reading your blog although I dont always post i read daily.....
    BTW when does this gas go away? Enough already?! haha

  2. Thanks, Tabatha and Jaime!

    Tabatha, for me it took a few weeks...

  3. Maggie, many appreciations for your support. Your article says it well, you have to be willing to put in the effort as Chantix (or any other drug) will not do this by itself. I'm blaming any gas on excercise, after talking with others that have regular workouts and they experience it, too. ;)

  4. HEHE!! The whole "gas" thing...OMG!! I know for sure isn't exercise that's bringing it on!!LOL I thought mine went away last week...but boy was I wrong!! It came back Saturday...just in time to spend the evening with Ralph...:p Thank goodness he's a good sport about it...he just laughed and let one rip himself!


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