Monday, August 20, 2007

Laughing, Cooking, Not Smoking

Today is Chantix Day 75 and Smoke-free Day 63.

Another day waking up just feeling good. It's funny how sometimes in the morning before I take a nice deep breath I'll almost forget that when I inhale so deeply, it won't hurt, and I won't cough afterward. I still almost brace myself for it, and then I smile when I realize that I'm a non-smoker. I still cough a little bit here and there sometimes sort of at random, but I guess even non-smokers do that sometimes. I do know that being able to laugh without coughing has drastically improved, but it's been awhile since I've gotten to really test it out with something side-splittingly funny to see if that's completely healed. Someone say something really funny, would you?

I have to go to the cheap grocery store today, which is always a zoo, especially on weekends, but I'm not dreading it so much because I am really excited to get to be in my clean and smelling not like a smoker lives in there car. The small joys in life make me happier than a sane person ought to be (hush). If the day ends the way I'm hoping, I should have in my freezer:
  • 2 meals of Ziti Pepperoni Casserole. Yep, it's as healthy as it sounds (not very), and Tom only eats something called a casserole since it also says pepperoni. I can't get him to eat a quiche with any ingredient in the title, though. This recipe works equally well with either ricotta or cottage cheese, but do add things like olives and peppers and other yummies!
  • 1 meal of Simply Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas. These are to die for, and I don't even love chicken or order chicken enchiladas at restaurants. Another meal of the same will be happily in our tummies by end of today, and I look forward to it with joy in my heart. Just. So. Good.
Both of those are frozen assembled, but not yet baked, so when they do come out of the freezer and are thawed, they bake and taste as fresh as if never frozen.

I love that I'm getting back into cooking and freezing ahead because with this mindset, we've only had fast food once this past week, which is pretty incredible for us, King and Queen of the Drive-Thru and the "value menu."

I wish I could say that everything tastes so much better as a non-smoker like I hear so many say, but I guess I love food so much that it never did taste any less flavorful as a smoker or any more flavorful when I've quit in the past. That's probably a good thing, though, because if some things tasted any better than they do, I wouldn't be OK.

And I'm off. Busy non-smoking day ahead of me.


  1. I had this friend in grad school who would spend her entire Sunday doing laundry and cooking meals for the week. I always thought it sounded like a great idea, but I'm WAY too disorganized to ever actually do it.

  2. Tasina, I only recently started doing the cooking ahead thing, and I do best when it's just 2 or 3 things at once. Better yet, just make double of something I'm making anyway. It does take some planning and some work, but it's so worth it when I actually make myself do it.

  3. Maggie I tell ya when i read your post about food I nearly feel like Im starving! haha
    But I wish I would do the cook ahead thing. Just too lazy.
    My roast turned out ok today they all said it was good. But I dont rightly know because everything taste bad to me right now!

  4. Tabatha, believe me, any recipe I made is very simple and easy. You'd be surprised how easy it really is if you just do a little bit at a time. I about died the time I tried doing too much at once, so now I don't do that ;) Mmmm, a roast, Tom would love you forever.

  5. yum,,gotta cook those enchiladas. Glad to hear you are doing well. Sorry I was awol for a week, don't know where it went!!! Are you totally sure about the tapering thing? I can find no reference to it as being recommended. Don't dose yourself and all success with Chantix has been by a 12 week regimen.

  6. Tobin - The enchiladas were so good, and so darn easy, really. Do make double, and do freeze some unbaked. You will love yourself in a month ;)

    On the taper thing, it's just one week shy of the 3 months that my tapering will start, and even the first few days will be almost the full dose. I have talked with my doc and two pharmacist folks about it, and they say there is no harm. I'm not convinced it's required, but since there is no harm and since some have noticed the onset of strong cravings when stopping abruptly, I just want to make it as easy on myself as possible in case I am one of those. I definitely agree that everyone should talk to a doctor before getting creative with any medication.

    It's good to hear from you again!

  7. Mmmm, it's chile season at the farmers' market. We made a whole mess o' chiles rellenos last night.

    I am noticing more improvement in my ability to smell than to taste. I know the two senses are connected, but there it is.

  8. Ellie, yep, my smelling is better, but my tasting doesn't seem any different, even if they are connected. Mmmm, chiles rellenos sound yummy!


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