Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Little by Little at 10 Weeks

Today is Chantix Day 83 (or day 2 of the 1mg dose while tapering) and Smoke-free Day 71.

By now you'd think I'd start to feel something different with the doses reducing ever so slightly, but I just have a couple of small things to report that might or might not be related. The Chantix nausea I was getting at bedtime has been gone the past two nights, and my nose/face itching might be less. It's hard to say because anytime I think too much about itching, well, something starts to itch. I am not noticing any increase urges or any other differences, but given how slowly I am tapering off Chantix (ask your doctor), I'm still not expecting anything dramatic at all. In fact, the whole point was to have a very smooth transition, and so far, that's how it's been.

Other stuff. Yesterday I did get around to making and freezing some of that Baked Ziti I mentioned on Saturday, and I'd forgotten how ridiculously easy it is. I also cooked fajitas at the same time (also to double and freeze because they do freeze really well, and I think taste even better in the spices longer while thawing), and with all 4 colors of peppers, they looked too good not to eat for lunch-dinner, which I call LunDin. I love having a freezer full of meals even if I'm not hardcore enough and don't have the space enough to do an entire month at once. Like many things in my life right now, just a little bit at a time, small steps towards good things do accumulate into so very much more.

Here it is already 10 weeks to the day that I quit smoking, and I not only feel great, but I also have a freezer full of meals ready to go. Life is grand.


  1. Congrats on 10 weeks! That is wonderful!!

  2. Wow Maggie, way to go! Next thing ya know you'll be saying 10 months. lol

  3. Thank you, everyone! Each of you have been a part of it by sharing your own stories with me.


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