Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lung Tickle

Today is still Chantix Day 81 (or day 4 of the 1.5mg dose while tapering) and Smoke-free Day 69.

Somewhat productive day, and somewhat perfectly Saturday style lazy, and that's even better. I had a weird lung tickle and some coughing that kind of got my attention because it felt so strange from anything I've felt before. Then it all went right back to my new normal (meaning not having my lungs feel icky all the time). Maybe my cilia (and I do *love* my cilia) were celebrating and got a little rowdy?

Anyway, I continue to look forward to the next step down on my tapering plan (ask your doctor) going to 1mg tomorrow. It makes sense to me to still take it twice a day, so I'll probably just split the pill and take half at lunch and half before bed in keeping with the same routine. Last night I was actually able to read in bed for quite awhile, and there was no nausea! Since my nausea has come and gone, it might have been leaving again on its own anyway even without the reduced dose - hard to say the reasons where Chantix nausea is concerned because its an odd bird. Either way, a night without nausea means I'm liking this idea of making my way off Chantix more each day, though it was more than worth the few side effects I had because it's helped me so much. Little by little, I'm getting where I want to be.


  1. That's odd about the lung tickle. I'm sure you're familiar with the "really slow breath in so I don't start coughing" technique. I'm very familiar with that one, myself. It's only been two and a half weeks since I was a smoker, but I already find the slow breaths are no longer necessary. It makes sense, though, that it will take a bit longer for my lungs to recover, so it seems reasonable that lung tickle (which ought to be an official term in the medical books, by the way) is the result of celebrating cilia.

    Which is a really good name for a rock band.

  2. Love the post about your cilia! I think it's nice that you have "cute little image of them". I have a similar image of the nicotine receptors in my brain...only they are not so cute, they are ugly, little evil monsters and right now they are not happy! Every now and then they try to fight back, but me & Chantix are stronger, and we always win!!!

    Sometimes when my mind is wandering, which is often :-) I picture myself, in Rambo-style gear, shooting down the receptors, one by one, until they're all gone! Now if that isn't nutty, I don't know what is! LOL!!

  3. Amy, that's funny! A rock band.

    MsTek, I think you might be almost as nutty as me ;)


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