Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Addition and Best French Toast (Ever)

Today, we have a new addition to our home. My long awaited stovetop espresso maker arrived today, and I am in love (yes, it's posed next to my Hello Kitty toaster - real men eat Hello Kitty toast, I keep explaining to my dear Tom). I live a rugged life, though, because first Tom had to test the new coffee toy, and then I wanted to try it, so I've wound up drinking about 6 shots of espresso this evening on a school night. It's hard being me.

I never got a straight answer from anywhere I looked on just how much in ounces the 3 cup version would make, but that's the size I had to get because the 6 cup version didn't have free shipping on Amazon (3rd party seller), and the 9 cup would be too much even for me since the Bialetti stovetop espresso maker folks that I called said making fewer cups is not recommended. These folks agree and also give tips on perfecting this new art form on an old theme in my life. And so, I have the 3 cup one, and best I can tell, it seems to make roughly almost 4 ounces. Now we all know.

Then there's the whole technicality of just how much is a "shot" of espresso, and that seems to vary from 1 oz to 2 oz, with 1.5 oz as standard, so I guess I get roughly 2 shots to 4 shots of espresso per pot depending on definition of a shot (and that kind of range seems completely nutty to me). Starbucks counts 1 oz as a shot, and they only put 2 of those in a Venti latte, which is borderline criminal. Thank God for Dutch Bros who understand that 4 shots is a good number so that you are safely and blissfully caffeinated no matter how many ounces they consider a shot.

Whatever all the math and ounces and whatnot, I will say that shots made in my stovetop espresso maker is plenty stronger than the same sized ones coming out of my regular espresso maker, but quite a bit, based on my experiments of the evening so far.

But I really wanted to mention that I made the absolute best French Toast in the world tonight (with bacon, yum, and these kinds of reasons are why Tom puts up with eating Hello Kitty toast). I'd made some French Toast a few days back, and even though I've made it all my life without much trouble, it turned out awful. Really awfully awful. Tasting like an egg instead of an egg mixture on bread awful. So, I wanted to redeem myself tonight by actually using a new recipe and following it (mostly) since I was clearly forgetting some kind of basics somewhere on something I'd been making since elementary school.

This fabulous and easy French Toast recipe was the perfect redemption. I tossed it all into the blender, poured that into a shallow bowl and was on my way. The flour was a new idea to me, and it made all the wonderful difference. I also added a little almond extract and nutmeg (same amounts as the vanilla and the cinnamon, respectively, but I kept those, too, because good things are just a good thing), and it was pure heaven. Breakfast for dinner is something we'll have to do again soon.


  1. Yum, French Toast and Bacon for dinner. I hope you treated yourselves to real Maple syrup. (It makes a difference.)

  2. Chris, oh, if only. I would have died with real maple syrup on top of that.

  3. OMG, Maggie, I too have the very same Hello Kitty toaster. If we weren't separated by a continent, I'd suggest meeting for coffee.

    (It's Danielle, btw. "The Wanderer" is my blogger name for privacy reasons and I can't seem to just be Danielle anymore. Le sigh.)

  4. I remembered, Danielle aka the Wanderer ;) Wow, I thought I was the only person that actually owned the toaster instead of just walking by thinking it was adorable. We'd get into too much trouble if we ever met for coffee...


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