Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Not a Calming Night (Not Chantix Related)

OK, away from my typical topic of late for just a minute since this did used to be just my regular random blog... and I need to do that for a moment here until I just finish setting up my different place to do that. If you are looking for Chantix / quitting smoking posts, just they are all here.

And onto random:

I was a samples collector for awhile because I'm cheap and like free stuff, and there are websites like these that will send me stuff (and, yes, probably sell my address and the abbreviated form of my name I've provided). Yesterday I got a sample for Dove Calming Night body wash and lotion, and I was dying to try it because the beautiful midnight blue background with gold Dove symbol had called to me many times when I had seen it. The marketing folks get an A+ for getting my attention. So, shortly before 2:00AM still up catching up on my fellow Chantix bloggers and knowing that there wasn't a chance in hell I'd get up in time for a shower, I decided that I'd take a nice "calming" bath as a little treat to myself because I hadn't been allowed to take baths for awhile after the nevus biopsy thing (if you missed, not cancer, all good).

I don't think I've ever flat out *not* liked the scent of a bath product. Some haven't been my favorites, but none have been just... bad. As far as cleaning goes, it seemed fine, but it was the scent that was rugged. The only way I could describe it is sort of like baby powder, but then the baby ate the baby powder and threw in the beautiful and eye-catching bottle. I opened the lotion sample, in case it had a different scent, and it did. But that was bad, too! Not as bad as the body wash, but still bad in more of an old lady floral scent. And then it left me all sticky instead of smooth.

But, hey, it was free, and now I know. Samples are a good thing.

Since I did just rag on a Dove product above, I will say that I do love the Cool Moisture Beauty Bar (but I call it just "soap"). No, they have no idea I'm writing this, no one's paying me. I just like it.


  1. I am a cool beauty moisture bar user. I also refer to it as soap. I can't say it does anything magical for my complexion, but I like the smell. And I desperately want to be cool so all my products feature some form of cool in the title.

    No. Not really. That wouldn't be cool at all.

  2. Ha, Danielle! I always love your humor :) Yep, I just like the smell, too.


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