Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Not Chewing Gum and a Linky Loos Add

It's still Chantix Day 62 and Smoke-free Day 50.

First this side-note: I had a really obnoxious lunch today based on leftovers of what I concocted last night trying to cook only what's already in the pantry and be super frugal. On hand: Penne pasta, small can of spinach, lifetime supply of garlic in fridge, dried minced onion re-discovered in spinning spice rack thingy, olive oil, Italian seasoning, then some extra basil, hot pepper flakes, and a few things I don't remember (sadly, no Parmesan available to add). Boil/drain the first, heat all the rest for awhile starting with the oil, and it's a better tasting dinner than I expected, but then, I really do love spinach. It was good enough that I even had the rest for lunch. It's not for everyone, but I'm just me.

I really didn't mean to get into what I had for lunch today or tell you a story about my cats (Oh, I didn't? Maybe next time), but this is how the whole thing about my not chewing gum revelation came about. After the above delicious crime was committed against my previously fresh and happy non-smoking breath, I grabbed a piece of gum, probably my 3rd or 5th piece the entire quit. It struck me, and I had to laugh because I remember how damn much my entire jaw would just hurt the first week or more whenever I'd quit smoking in the past because I chewed so much gum.

This time through, thanks here to the Chantix doing its part, I'm not even really chewing gum (just breathing, water, walking, blogging). When I do grab a piece of gum these days, it's for a reason entirely unrelated to quitting smoking but because my breath was scary. Funny. Cool.

I've added this to the list of links on the side, and I'll put it on my big Linky Loos list shortly.

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Life is an Adventure - Sherri's blog. Smoke-free since July 24, 2007 and exercising her way through to a new life.


  1. Hi, Maggie! You left a comment on my blog, so I surfed over here for a -- 'scuse the expression -- a lookie loo. What a great blog! I went all the way back to your first days on Chantix, and I have to tell you that it makes me feel *so* much better about how I feel.

    ... I had a question, but I've forgotten it. Just rest assured that I'll be keeping up with you and the other Chantix quitters, hoping that we all inspire each other.

    OH! I remembered my Q. I haven't read everyone's blog yet, but I'm kind of wondering -- am I the only quitter who really... sorta... *likes* smoking? I'm only quitting because I have to. It's gotten too expensive!

    Thanks again for the great job and for continuing to provide us quitters with a sense of community. You rock!

  2. I just said the same thing over on your blog, but since I'd just said the same thing - no point in re-wording it all over again, right?

    Yes, I did like smoking. A lot. I'm still working on not liking it, actually, and I'm making some serious progress a day at a time ;) I just keep paying real close attention to even the smallest measures of my success,the things that mean the most to me, and they are starting to happen. Deep breaths, full belly laughs with no coughing and being able to kiss the man I love (a never-smoked kind of person) are my focus. Again, it's a process, and I do have a way to go yet, but I do know that I'm on my way.

    It's sounding like you are, too, so just keep going.

  3. maggie.....I too haven't chewed much gum since I quit. I bought some and it still sits in my purse. the kids ask for a piece from time to time. I love reading your blog and was kinda laughing at you telling what all was in your lunch I was like eww what gross but then I am sure adding it all together it was mighty tasty. I just can't get over how goos things taste these days and I have been cooking more of the things I loveeeee to eat becasue now it taste so much better. yesterday was roast and potatoes carrots and onions I just couldn't get over how good it was. I thank god everyday that he sent you to me on my myspace I dont think some days I could have gotten through all this without your kind words you always leave. And if I ever forget to mention THANKS for being there Maggie your a great person ;-)

  4. Tabatha, thank you so very much for such kind words. That was really sweet. I love reading along with your success!


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