Sunday, August 26, 2007

Oh Happy Day and Another Linky Loos Add

Today is Chantix Day 81 (or day 4 of the 1.5mg dose while tapering) and Smoke-free Day 69.

I have no good reason to be particularly happy this morning, but I suppose waking up smoke free and not coughing or feeling that pain when I took that first deep breath is plenty. I didn't make it to bed until about 4:30AM, and yet 8:00AM I was awake. Since it's the weekend, I forced myself to go back to sleep until 9:30AM when I just couldn't stay asleep anymore. I made myself the most perfect latte I think I've ever made in my espresso machine (the big one, since new one hasn't arrived yet; today's secret was: don't tamp the grounds because this batch might be too finely ground), and it's heaven and didn't cost me $3-$4 or require me to get dressed yet. Anyway, I guess this whole energy thing likely from not smoking is still doing it's thing.

I have a day of returning defective items to Target (would you believe both the shower head and the lamp both from one trip!?), which I don't relish because of their return policies of late, but then I get to make another Stromboli for my baby as well as a pan of Baked Ziti to freeze, and maybe even freeze some fajita filling (strips of beef, peppers, seasoning) if I get to all of that.

I do know that I'm not feeling like smoking today (at least not so far), and the tapering (ask your doctor first) does not seem to have affected my mood or urges. In fact, still no noticeable differences. Today is the last day at 1.5mg/day, so tomorrow starts 1mg/day.

Another blogger to add to the list on the side and also to my list of Linky Loos as soon as I get in there to update.

Current, Regularly Updated Blogs I Read Daily:
  • My Journey to Stop Smoking - Sue's blog. Sue quit smoking right on Chantix Day 8 on August 14, 2007, saying goodbye to 34 years of smoking and hello to many more years of happier lungs.


  1. de-lurking here ...LOVE your blog, it's helped me a great deal! It's been almost 4 weeks without a cigarette for me and I feel great! There are times when I miss smoking, but I haven't really felt any cravings. The nausea is barely noticable, and the dreams are quite entertaining. I see my dr 9/11 (eek!) and will discuss with him what he thinks I should do ...the tapering sounds perfect! Thanks for all the great information and links on your blog!

  2. Confession to make here: I have actually not really noticed how my mood have become really affected by getting off Chantix until maybe two weeks after.

  3. Thanks for popping in, Coffee, and congrats on 4 weeks! So good to hear that the side effects have mostly passed you by.

    Hi Stan! Yep, I noticed zero mood change going on or being on Chantix, so I expect about the same going off. I've barely, barely even started the taper, so it's way too soon for me to say how the urge thing will go.


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