Friday, August 10, 2007

Old Habits, New Habits

Today is Chantix Day 65 and Smoke-free Day 53.

Old Habits - Talking to my dear friend J last night a little more about his mom's inspiring Chantix story and for our first marathon phone call (typically 2 or 3 hours) both as non-smokers was entertaining to anyone watching. Each at our respective homes, separated by state boundaries and time zones, we were both coping the same way. We each went outside. It wasn't even a cigarette I "needed" this time, but still, I stepped out onto the balcony every once in awhile while we talked because it felt so odd not to sit out there while we talked. Tom, also used to the sound of the patio door often being followed by a cloud of smoke, automatically got up to shut the window I'd again forgotten to close first - and then he, too, stopped himself realizing that there was no smoke.

New Habits - I've been taking Chantix for 65 days counting today, and throughout I'd only missed 2 pills so far. Until yesterday. I was looking for my Chantix pack this morning and couldn't find it. The reason is because it was a new pack to have been started yesterday that was still in the box in the drawer where I keep the future packs. So, yesterday I missed 2 more pills, and wound up skipping the entire day without realizing it! My plan to taper off Chantix remains the same, but I completely get it now how at this stage of the game many people do just stop taking it and do fine. If I stopped today, I bet I would, too. Still, as I've said, I have no real reason not to finish up with the 3 month plan as prescribed, and taper off just in case I'm one of those for whom tapering would make it easier.

And so it's true that habit is a funny thing that becomes more ingrained as time passes, but those not quite as old are more easily forgotten. Thankfully even my new spin on old habits has progressed to the point that I am able again to not only now fearlessly talk on the phone without smoking and no longer need to walk through the entire phone call (though it really did work!), but I can even talk to the person I've most associated with smoking all these years - and other crazy stuff, but those are different posts for different blogs I haven't started.


  1. Here's something I noticed yestderay:
    When I pull into my driveway, I set the parking brake, PUSH THE BUTTON TO ROLL UP THE WINDOW, then turn off the car and get out. I'm still closing the window that I cracked for smoking, even though I didn't roll it down in the first place. Weird. I suppose I'll notice little habits like that more and more.

    Did you stop by Stan's page yesterday? I hope I didn't get him fired!!! :(

  2. Ha, Tasina, that's exactly the crazy kind of stuff that's floating in our heads. Today of all days, leaving work, I started to open my ashtray - and then wondered if I'd gone batty(-er). I haven't done that particular motion since quitting, but apparently it's still in my head somewhere.

    I'm sure you didn't actually get anyone fired. Funny enough, naked is not what I thought of when I saw the title. At all. I get it, but I just thought it was more along the lines of the real you, stripped of pretenses and bullshit...


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