Thursday, August 16, 2007

P U Stinky

Today is Chantix Day 71 and Smoke-free Day 59.

I liked telling myself that I didn't really stink like other smokers when I would come in from a cigarette. In fact, sometimes I would even try to make sure that the smoke didn't blow back on me, as if that would prevent my clothes from smelling like smoke. Still, as I've said, Tom would do that coughing thing if I tried to go near him within 30 minutes or so of smoking, and even a boss once told me that it was easy to tell the last time I'd started smoking again... by the smell. It was put a little more delicately than that, but the truth remains. The smell of smoke was there, and to most folks, it's not exactly as pleasant as say, linen fresh air spray.

Since quitting, I think my nose is on super-smoker-sniffer overdrive or something, and it seems like I can smell smokers from a mile away. In the grocery store, even someone with a cartload of Pop Tarts, produce, pickles, poultry, pumpkin pie and pretzels (items starting with the letter P are half price where I shop), who I keep seeing and who has clearly been walking around for quite awhile accumulating all this stuff, can't escape this nose thing I have going on. I can tell if the shopper had a cigarette at some point before going into the store because I can smell it.

I don't love this new talent because honestly, there are things I'd prefer not to smell, like stale smoke on a fellow grocery shopper. What I do love is that I no longer smell like that while convincing myself that I don't as if somehow my own cigarettes smelled like fresh ocean air instead of like an ashtray.


  1. Absolutely, I can smell smoke and smokers a mile away. And it smells disgusting.

    I never really cared before that I smelled that way. But now I wouldn't want to be around a smoker that smelled that way.

  2. I hear you, Nathan. I'm still not so much bothered if other folks smell, but I really and truly don't want it to be me ;)

  3. Yeah! I'm back online. Computer issues and all of that. Thanks for asking about me ... and yes, I'm still smoke free and very proud of that!

  4. I've begun noticing so many smells. Most of them completely annoying. There's one place on the Interstate I drive that smells like ammonia. The cigarette smell just makes me queazy. But I still like to smell a pipe.

  5. Ha, Sherri, so true. Being able to smell can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending :)

  6. I've noticed my sense of smell come back too. Now how are you tapering off with the Chantix?

  7. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I loved reading over your blog this morning, and I look forward to checking out the others who are using Chantix. It's like a whole community of support.
    All the best ~

  8. Marcus, look up ;) Now that tapering is close, I've added a link at the top.

    Amanda, thanks for stopping by, and I wish you the best!


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