Saturday, August 18, 2007


It's almost the end of Chantix Day 73 and Smoke-free Day 61.

Persistence does finally pay off, but sometimes it takes... persistence. I thought I'd go get a pill splitter/cutter tonight after work just because I felt like doing something (yep, Friday night is that exciting around here) and would like one for easily halving and quartering pills during my big Chantix taper.

So, we went to Target, and they were sold out. Odd-ish, but I didn't think too much of it. Later I went to the drug store, the most likely place to find one, and they were also sold out. Really? Sold out there, too? The pharmacy lady looked at me like I was high when I asked her if they were maybe keeping them behind the counter with the cold medicine that we can no longer buy without sharing our identities all on a great big sheet for all of the ID thieves to read when they are not busy actually making meth but just purchasing the ingredients with fake IDs (brilliant system). Anyway, nope, the pill cutters are not in stock and not with the cold medicine. While I was mid-mumble about asking because Target was also sold out, she elaborated without my asking that they use razors when they cut pills back there. But then, they work about 10 feet from all the Band-Aids and probably get a discount.

Since I was out in the fresh air and now feeling like I was on a mission, I tried the grocery store in the aisle with everything from shampoo to laxatives to reading glasses and other things that I hope not to have to deal with for a very long time, and they were not out of stock. They just don't carry pill cutters. At all.

At this point it wasn't even so much a mission as just a funny joke (again, I get my Friday jollies in my own ways), so I tried one more store. Another grocery store, but one with a pharmacy. I looked through all of the aisles that made sense, and didn't see a pill cutter. Then, I saw the closed pharmacy area, and there, lo and behold, on a little rack off to the side was one pill cutter next to a batch of others that looked almost identical but inexplicably cost more. I took the last one of the cheaper ones ($4) and was on my way feeling accomplished.

Best of all, I don't think I even thought about smoking the whole night, even if it is a Friday night.


  1. Maggie - I just found your blog - and your plan for tapering off Chantix is just what I was looking for (day 47 on Chantix, day 39 not smoking). My dr. didn't think it's necessary, but it makes sense to me, since I tapered up, why not taper off?

  2. Darby, yep, I was told tapering probably wouldn't matter either way, but since some have said it's helpful, and my doctor said there's no harm, it made sense to me, too ;) Awesome to hear you also are having such great success with your quit!


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