Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pirattitude, Red Moon, Espresso

Sometimes I just love stuff on TV enough that I really look forward to it. Even repeats sometimes. Like tonight. WifeSwap (favorite guilty pleasure show) with the real life pirate family from Oregon. Ever since, I try to approach parts of my life with "pirattitude." Sometimes it works, usually I'm unsure, but it always makes me laugh.

Then, in theory, since I am on the west coast where the viewing is supposed to be really good, I'm hoping to wake up for about an hour overnight to see the lunar eclipse during the wee hours, around 3:37AM Tuesday morning (which to me still counts as Monday night, but whichever). Red moon? I had no idea that could happen (Tom did, but he's a smarty pants who knows stuff), and now I just *have* to see it.

Thankfully, tracking my order, it appears that my new stovetop espresso maker (the one at the bottom) is on its way, and should arrive tomorrow! Tom has promised to learn how to perfect the art of coffee using this option as well, and given my sleep being interrupted by my moon curiosity, I'll probably need a little espresso tomorrow so that I can stay awake while we marathon our way through the latest tv series we are watching (throughout my quit, they have been a great distraction), Big Love, the show that reminds me that I would never, ever want 3 of myself as wives unless I wanted to punish myself for something.


  1. Maggie I have heard a lot of good things about the Big Love show although I haven't watched it. I have been watching fat march! I so need to go on that show! Maybe someday I can do something like that.
    Yeah I wanted to see the eclipse but almost bet I will miss it.
    Sounds like you are still doing great! Keep it up!!!!

  2. Thanks, Tabatha! After I caught Fat March last week and read what you explained about the voting off, I'll probably catch it again tonight.

  3. Maggie,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your blogging about chantix, and the links to all the other chantix info you've supplied. I'm not succeeding right now, but you have supplied a lot of inspiration!

  4. Cathie, thank you for stopping by, and I do hope that you will keep working on your quit. You can do this. I've commented over on your blog, too, and I'll be reading along and wishing you the best.


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