Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Settled In

It's still Chantix Day 76 and Smoke-free Day 64, and it's been kind of a long day. My late night from last night has finally caught up with me, so I'm home just relaxing and glad that I can watch the Wife Swap rerun (I really just love that show), maybe play the Sims2 a bit (didn't get to all weekend long), talk to the cats, or do whatever and maybe get to bed at a more reasonable hour.

It occurred to me tonight, as it has in the past, that it seems like it was always nights like this as a smoker when I would usually run out of cigarettes. Then I'd have to haul my goodies out to my car to either go to the more expensive place that was closer for a single pack or to the cheaper place that was a further away for a carton. All of it money wasted on poisoning myself instead of staying home, all cozy with my man and all my cats, where I really just wanted to stay, not spending a dime.

I'm all settled in and about to put on one of my too many sets of Hello Kitty PJs early because I don't have to go on a cigarette run. Life is so very good right now.

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