Thursday, August 02, 2007

Snapshots Enroute to Almost Easy (and Pluots)

Today is Chantix Day 58 and Smoke-free Day 46.

(Actually, it still feels like Day 45 because I'm just now heading to bed, but technically, the new day has begun in the middle of the night as they do for reasons beyond me, and so, as I was trying to say, today is Day 46 smoke-free and smiling about it.)

It has been almost insanely easy not to smoke or even want to smoke for the past "while," so I got curious and tried looking back to see just when it really started getting this much easier. The short answer is that I don't have nice and concise answer to provide because it is such a gradual process, but the longer answer goes like this:

Like many, Day 1 was way less scary than I dreaded (my Day 1 was on my 13th Chantix day), the next few were a mixed bag of fairly frequent and sometimes strong-ish urges while also doing OK by being so geared up, then having some of that initial drive wane just a bit (like the start of the school year with all new pencils - or whatever kids write with these days, laptops? - once it's not quite as new anymore). Still, the morning of Day 5 felt great and gave me a glimpse of the freedom ahead, while that night on my first smoke-free weekend was not at all so "wonderful." Then, while Day 14 was perhaps one of the toughest days in the journey, it's not that all the days before that had been horrible because even on Day 10 I was having the fewest urges up to that point. Somewhere in the neighborhood of Day 21 it was getting noticeably different, I was smart enough to jot down my urge level on a scale of 1 to 10 as a 1 or 2 on Day 25, but then I had a pretty rugged go of things early in the evening on Day 27 before it getting easy enough to stay up all night instead of escaping to sleep and still have a relatively easy Day 28 even sleep deprived. My little breakdown possibly from just the general stress of this process (or not, who knows) on Day 31 actually and remarkably involved no urges or even thoughts of smoking, then the little batch of morning urges on Day 34 turned out to stop there (probably because that's when the Chantix nausea made its miraculous return). As of Day 37, I was really noticing the lack of urges the current day or the one before it, yet did mention on Day 40 that it's not that it's always easy (still not always, just more often).

OK, after those little snapshots, I'm prepared to make this shorter stab at a rough answer: Day 14 was the toughest in my journey so far, so it's all been easier from there, and I'll go with approximately the afternoon of Day 34 as the point that it really started to overall get almost ridiculously easy for me (I said almost - I mean people who never smoked or are many months or years quit probably have it even easier...), and even more so since that point. Amazing. Chantix rocks.

Everyone is different, like those that were really feeling the effects of the Chantix even before the full dose starts on Chantix Day 8, while it took me another 5 days of being on the full dose to really feel ready (and, incidentally, cigarettes never did start tasting all that bad, even if they were making me feel nauseous toward the end, so that might have been part of it). Still, in the end we all wind up arriving at the same place of not smoking and having it get easier, so the above are some of the landmarks along my own path that could be a rough idea of what the journey looks like for at least one of us - me :)

OK, the whole reason I really wanted to write was actually because I've just found a possible new way to reward myself and have just tried something new. The new reward idea is to head over to the produce section of the grocery store, look for the fruits or vegetables that I've never heard of or tried, and buy one (or two if they look promising).

I've learned this so far: Pluots are kind of freaky, but they are good, and they're probably healthy even if it's hard to get consistent answers on nutritional information. If I ever happen to run across an Aprium, it's game on. I'm not sure that not smoking has actually brought back my sense of taste and enjoyment of food because I'm not convinced those ever left, so I'll get my kicks with exotic fruits and veggies and continue to practice eating things I love just in case that joy is just not yet uncovered. My sense of smell is better, so you'd think taste would be, too; go figure.


  1. Interesting post Maggie, nice to look back and see how far you've come.

    The fruits idea is fantastic. Healthy and fun, perfect for a nonsmoker :)

  2. Hey Maggie,
    I love to read about your progress and I feel a little guilty at the same time. I quit and haven't really struggled since except for last weekend when the wine began to flow. Bad urges.
    Isn't the smell and food rebirth awesome? I actually have discovered that Hershey's chocolate has a slight chemical taste i find unpleasant. YEAH!
    Keep going!

  3. Awesome, awesome! I'm really looking forward to you stepping down the Chantix support podium and standing on your own feet, spread your wings and fly! :) You'll be an exemplary case of a successful Chantix quitter by the book! :) I'll be spreading your word and a word about your blog all over then! :)

  4. I wonder if me and you were twins seperated at birth??!!LOL We seem to be going through some of the same things...again. Foods!!LOL I'm also trying new things, and trying to watch what I eat as much. Last week it was the fresh mountain air. Wonder what's next for us??LOL

    Anywho...keep up the good work. While you are a little ahead of me, I still find it inspiring to read your blog. :)

  5. Many thanks, everyone! Having people reading along and reading along with others has probably also been a huge part in things getting easier, too.

    Jaime, too funny. Let's pick something the most awesome yet, next :)


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