Sunday, August 19, 2007

That Was Me

Today is still Chantix Day 74 and Smoke-free Day 62.

I did go get that car wash I'd been talking about since the day I quit smoking. Finally. It only took me two months. Getting into my car all smelling good and free of ashes and dust and no more of that awful can't see through it smoker glaze and haze on the windshield was just awesome. It was almost like having a brand new car, but much cheaper.

While we were sitting outside waiting and watching the 812 other cars with the same idea get all cleaned, I smelled someone smoking. It didn't really smell "bad" to me, but, pretty much like Tasina's experience today, it also didn't make me freak out and go buy 3 cartons on the way home, either. It just kind of was what it was, someone smoking, and I didn't love it or hate it, but it definitely got my attention.

What did surprise me, though, was when I looked to see just how close it was that this person was standing to me, it turned out that he wasn't very close to me at all. He was actually way off to the side, over there alone by the ashtray in one of the little "bad smoker corners" apart from the rest of society like where I always wound up standing. And yet, even from there, I could most definitely and absolutely smell his cigarette. He probably thought that he was far enough away that his smoke wasn't right there in our line of breathing. I know I used to think that same thing outside of just about every store, restaurant, gas station, rest area, or any other place I ever went to and needed to have a smoke since I was so careful in recent years to stand further away or more off to the side as if the smoke wouldn't travel. Like a good little addict that couldn't dream of going more than an hour or two without smoking, I usually stepped out to smoke before, after, and sometimes even during, almost any event.

It's so nice to have a clean car to go wherever I want and not feel tethered to my box of cellophane on the outside and poison on the inside every couple of hours or more. I think I like being a non-smoker. I think the people going into and out of places where I thought I was being so courteous are glad, too.

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  1. I should clean my car out too. But that's always kind of a pointless endeavor with me. I'm a bad car slob. When I was in high school my dad offered to take out the back seat of my car and put in a bunch of big trash bins. Funny guy.

    The captcha says kafxpj....caffeine times pajamas. See.

  2. Your dad sounds funny. It was just so nice to get rid of the ashes everywhere, but otherwise it wasn't too bad (I clutter in other places).

    Wow, the captchas do speak to you. That one made perfect sense to me. Scary.


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