Monday, August 13, 2007

Too Busy to Notice

It's still Chantix Day 68 and Smoke-free Day 56.

Since I never did go get that latte this weekend, I did make myself this Americano tonight after such a very productive day. My espresso maker has been collecting dust, and that is a very shameful thing, so I bought the right beans with the right grind and made the situation right.

I'm not usually so productive on weekends, but after yesterday, I knew that keeping even busier would probably be best, just in case the urges tried to "get me" again. Throughout the day, there were still some brief moments that reminded me of yesterday and thinking about smoking, but next thing I'd know, I'd burnt the butter and had to start that dish over, or I needed to run to the store again for a missing ingredient (did that twice today) while Tom browned some chicken, or I was trying (God help us) to do Maggie Math to make a double batch, or the Cubs were losing and required my cheering to help them pull it out (no use; they lost), or something, anything that kept any real thoughts of wanting to smoke safely at bay. I can't honestly say whether today the urges were just back to more like normal (which would be more like tuggings instead of urges) or if I just did a better job of keeping busy, but whichever, I didn't smoke, and I wasn't terribly pissed off about it, either.

I do know that I did accomplish this:

The meatballs for the Healthy Meatloaf & Meatballs with Gravy recipe (plus the meatloaf portion of it in the fridge), and a double recipe of the Indian Butter Chicken plus a single recipe of the same but made with tofu.

Having this in my freezer, and my Americano in front of me makes me a very happy girl.

Not smoking and getting to smell that almost like rain smell in the air on those extra trips to the grocery store (both times) make me even happier. I think Tom is a happy guy, too - plenty to eat and smoke-free kisses. It's just all happy happy joy joy all around, I guess ;)


  1. Well, I guess my Mom is right..."this too shall pass". Glad to hear you had a good one. Are we really non smokers??!! LOL. Hope you have a good week.

  2. True, Tobin! "This too shall pass" has always steered me in the right direction, this time, too. I was too busy to know for sure how badly I did or didn't want to smoke, but I didn't, so yep, that lands us still in the non-smokers bunch. Cool!

  3. At least you didn't draw a face in your coffee.

  4. I thought about it, Tasina, when I saw how much it reminded me of the ones in the video. I just drank it like a big girl. Then stayed up. Too late ;)


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