Sunday, August 19, 2007

Two Real Months

Today is Chantix Day 74 and Smoke-free Day 62.

It's also the 18th of another month, so that means it's been 2 calendar months smoke-free!

I woke up in a really excellent mood, even though I'd had a nightmare (I blame the coffee, not Chantix, because it wasn't vivid or weird or otherwise Chantix-y, just scary). Being half awake and snuggling up to Tom, then waking up a little while later and making a latte (been a long time since I've bothered with the whole process, but I was inclined, and it's worth it) was the perfect start to the day. Now I feel like I want to go accomplish something. Maybe a mini road trip or another batch of dinners to cook and freeze or maybe that carwash I promised myself week one and never got (still some rogue ashes inside my car) maybe a movie at the cheap cinema - something. After I relax a bit and just enjoy feeling so good on a Saturday morning all smoke-free and all happy about it. Even if I accomplish nothing else today, this is just about plenty.


  1. Congrats Maggie!

    Just keep it in mind, as you know, I'm a Chantix quitter. Tomorrow is my One Year smoke free day!

    Not one single relapse, I'm sure Chantix has helped you break the addiction for good.

  2. Wow, Phreaki. A year. That's just awesome. Congrats to you!!

  3. Good for you Maggie, that is wonderful! You are doing great. Make sure you give yourself a treat on occassion like the latte. It's a nice pat on the back. You deserved it!

  4. Great blog!!! Congrats on 62 days smoke-free! Today is my first day on Chantix...I hope to be where you are one day! I've added your blog to my RSS feed and I will definitely be back often!

  5. Yay! Maggie! Thanks for all the support you've been during my quit.

  6. Many thanks, Sheri and Tracee! Reading along with you has been helping me.

    MsTekLady, so glad you stopped by, and I wish you the best. I'll be reading along with you as well and will be adding a link to your blog. Good luck!


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