Tuesday, September 25, 2007

99 Days

Today is Smoke-free Day 99. Wow. That just sounds cool to me.

My dear friend J and I had a really great time, but now he has flown off to his corner of the world, so it's back to reality instead of living sort of vacation style with all of the fun excesses - well, all of the excesses other than smoking. It was kind of odd sometimes not smoking with my one of my favorite smoking pals, but it really wasn't all that big of a deal not to or all that noticeable most of the time that we weren't smoking. Overall, it did make life much easier just to not have to bother every hour dropping what we were doing to find a place where we could smoke. I have a feeling that we made it a lot further on a lot of our trips without getting as worn out, too, especially since we have both been getting some exercise since quitting smoking. It just feels excellent to feel so much healthier overall and to really get out and enjoy life.

It's all this kind of thing that was on my reasons to quit smoking that were sort of secondary to many of the other big reasons, but the impact of my great decision is something I am thankful for and enjoying every day. It's just this new sense of motivation in other areas of my life that I can't even quite explain. Life is good as a non-smoker.

Looks like as of today the Chantix campaign has started directing folks directly to the main Chantix website now, and I do hope that others will have the same kind of luck I've had. I know I still could have gotten to where I am now, but based on past experience, I know how much harder it would have been.


  1. Hey, Maggie. Welcome back to reality! Yep, Day 99 does sound cool, for whatever reason :-) but tomorrow is Day 100 and that sounds even COOLER!! lol! Awesome! Congrats to you!!!

  2. Hello Maggie and well done on your tough road to freedom!!

    I am on my 21st day on Chantix and having some intense headaches from day 8. I can not stand them anymore, so I lowered the night dose to .5mg

    I am almost 6 days quit and I am planning to not complete the 12 weeks program. It is exhausting. I am going to tamper it down in a long period of time, step by step...

    What is your opinion in that?

    I also want to ask you, if you had any withdrawal symptoms from Chantix after stopping it. There are two forums online with people saying that after they quit Chantix, they had major problem. For some craves came back, for others there were myoskeletal pains that lasted weeks and for others the foginess I feel on my head lasted months after quitting the medicine...

    I would love to have your opinion on this too...

  3. Thanks, MsTek! The numbers get fun, don't they?

    Alex, thank you for stopping by! Since I am one who had very few side effect issues, I stuck with the 12 weeks and am probably not the best person to ask. Given the headaches, you really should talk with your doctor for the best advice. I do know that 12 weeks is recommended for the most success, but others have gone off the Chantix sooner and made it, so it's not impossible, just not as likely number-wise.

    About going off the Chantix, I tapered down very gradually (see link to side), but it probably wasn't necessary from what I've learned - still no harm in tapering, though, according to my doctor and a couple of pharmacists. I did notice some increased "tuggings" as I call them (not as strong as cravings or urges), but they were not a huge issue. I've read about some of the more rare side effects while on or coming off of Chantix, but it has not been my experience. I also know plenty of others also did not have any of those issues. As with any medication, people react differently, so it's always best to stay in contact with your doctor, especially if you do have side effects.

    Congrats to you on 6 days quit!

  4. Maggie, your site has been vital to my success (to be) story!! I have no words to thank you for linking to other people as well...

    I am doing the same thing in Greek language, so I can help people in my country with this.

    I am going to stay quit no matter what. I am certain I want to quit. This is half the job, as I have come to know.

    Everyone KEEP THE FAITH. Eventually we are all going to succeed.

    Thanks Chantix :)

  5. Thanks, Alex! I did pop over to your blog, but I could only make out the words like "Chantix" or the links. I think it's awesome that you are doing the same in Greek. Chantix really has helped so many of us, and I agree that wanting to quit is half the battle, too. Keep going, and do keep checking in or do a mini-English version somewhere because I'd love to read along on your journey.

  6. CONGRATS, Maggie! Big deal. We are twins for real. :)

    I was bummed out to see that the only thing they did was the forward you to pfizer website today. Ugh. The campaign is super slow. I think they're trying to slooooowly make people comfortable with this new concept of taking a pill to quit smoking. It's a very new, breakthrough concept for many. And you know how hard it is to change many folks' mentalities. Sigh. Maybe it's better this way. Although, even though they haven't even advertised yet full force, they're already raking in sales of $160,000,000 the first quarter of 2007. I read this somewhere, so don't quote me. But I don't think that number is unrealistic.

    Maybe I should translate Chantix info into Russian? Is it worth it?

  7. Wow Maggie, 99 days! That's awesome! I'm glad that you are enjoying life so much more.

    Welcome back to the real world. :)

  8. Thanks, Stan! I say pick any language and put it out there!

    Thanks, Sue! I kind of miss the vacation world, but this will do until the next one...

  9. Congratulations, Maggie! 99 days is freakin' AWESOME!!!

    Thanks so much for your comments and encouragement. I know I can do this, and I want to, and I really appreciate your support.

  10. Hi Maggie and welcome back. Congrats on 99 and in advance, drum roll, 100!

  11. Thanks, PJ & Chris! The support I get is really awesome.


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