Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Chantix Commercial

Today is Smoke-free Day 104.

I finally saw the new Chantix commercial yesterday on CNN, and it was actually pretty cute. At one point it shows the little turtle on his back getting tipped back on track, and even if I haven't smoked since quitting, I could relate to that little guy sometimes.

I also got my little GetQuit reminder email this morning to check in (since I'm now on the twice a week instead of daily plan), and it does look like they have brightened some things up over there. I do agree that the program could do better, but I did find it helpful to check in every day. Something about checking that box saying yep, Chantix taken, nope cigarette not smoked. I wrote about my thoughts on the GetQuit side of things here when I "graduated" to the twice a week thing mentioned above.

I do think that writing and communicating with other Chantix bloggers has been and still is the best support, and once again, I'm grateful for all who read and for all who write.

Another smoke-free Saturday here with a cup of coffee and just a few ideas of some low-key stuff to do. No major cooking today, just possibly a little shopping for Torani syrups*. The wonderfully helpful and pleasant person that answered when I called Torani in desperation for more flavors for my lattes at home said that Cost Plus World Market has tons of flavors. I need flavors like Peach and Watermelon like I used to buy before the move so that I can make all kinds of coffee yummy here. Might play the Sims2 a bit, too, since they have been neglected of late, and I've still just scratched the surface of the Bon Voyage expansion since I got it. Anyway, life is good, Saturdays are mine, and they are easier than they were, even if I do get little whispers about smoking, or even just a few tiny tuggings, but it's nothing major, and I know I'll be fine and smoke-free at bedtime. That's always my main goal.

*Update: Went to Cost Plus and did find a few Torani flavors beyond the standard French Vanilla/Hazelnut/Raspberry selections at the grocery store, but still not a ton of other flavors. They did have Peach flavor, though, so my life is complete. The new Peanut Butter flavor is so mild that it would take practically half the bottle to taste anything, and then it would be too sweet. Or so I've heard...


  1. That is so funny, Maggie -- we must have seen the same Chantix commercial on CNN, because I've only seen it once, myself! As for the turtle on its back, I cringed. I have a thing for turtles. They're extraordinarily cute in my opinion. (I could be wrong.) And I didn't want him to be scared while he was flailing around on his back. I hope they didn't have to do that many times in order to make the commercial. ROFL!!!

    And doesn't your hair smell terrific? ;)

  2. OK, so I must watch a lot of tv because I've seen the Chantix commercial almost every day since it started airing. Just this morning, I saw it about 3 or 4 times in less than two hours! Pfizer is definitely putting it out there.

    It's a cute commercial and, IMHO, it's quite effective - if I wasn't already taking it, I'd try it based on the commercial. I'm an ad agency's dream...I'm a sucker for a cute, slick, or flashy commercial! LOL!

    Hope everybody is doing well with their quit!

  3. Bay, today I'm seeing the commercial more, and yes, the turtle is too cute.

    MsTek, I agree that the commercial is effective and well done, and I do bet I'll be seeing much more with all the TV I'm watching ;)


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