Friday, September 28, 2007

Crisp and Toasty

Today is Smoke-free Day 101 - oops 102.

Autumn is definitely in the air out my way, and we've had some cool nights and crisp mornings. It's not even close to terribly cold (and growing up in Chicago I have an idea of what terribly cold looks like), and we likely won't see that here anyway, but it will be getting colder little by little, and I've come to look forward to it. In fact, autumn has somehow become my favorite season over the years.

Hot coffee on a cool night, next to the fireplace, after a stroll over leaves that crackle and crinkle under your feet, while wearing a favorite old sweater for the first time in almost a year, and doing all of the above next to my sweetheart, Tom, who has supported me extra, extra strength on the non-smoking thing since the day my dear friend J told me about Chantix and gave me the idea to give another quit another go, hopefully for good this time.

This year, the cooler seasons will be different, though, in a good way.

More than anything in the world, I hate being cold. I really, really, really just hate it. A lot. This is why I have an extensive collection of Hello Kitty pajamas thick as only the warmest J's (as we call them) can be, and this is why I used to hate being a smoker when the weather turned cold. Well, not that my hating it actually stopped me...

Sitting outside shivering to the point of shaking so that it was actually difficult to get the cigarette to my (bluish) lips to inhale poison - instead of being inside all cozied up to the fireplace with my man and the kitties making up silly songs or whatever goofiness I get up to was such a terrible trade off of a choice, but for so many years, it seemed so worth it because I *loved* smoking so very much. I really did - even enough to brave the elements with a winter coat over my J's out on the balcony. This year, I'd have to actually walk away from the apartment building to smoke and stand in public like that (or get fully dressed every time I wanted to smoke, which I'd be too lazy to do, so the world would have to witness the Hello Kitty J's). Yes, I did love smoking.

But. I love being toasty and warm and welcomely embraced because I don't stink even more. Yay Autumn!


  1. I nearly forget what Autumn, let alone Winter, is like. I grew up around Indianapolis and went to Purdue. Some of my fondest memories are of many trips to Chicago. But during winter? Lord! So glad you are going to enjoy the change of seasons sans poison.

  2. Yep, Chris, I don't miss the Chicago winters. Or the smoking (most moments)


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