Sunday, September 09, 2007

Day 83 Smoke-free

Today is Smoke-free Day 83.

I know there is still some Chantix yet floating around in my system since the last little bit taken on Thursday and getting ready to head out (by Tuesday, the 5 day mark, according to the professionals I've asked), and I do think that the tuggings are back again just a bit like they were starting to be shortly after I dropped to the 0.25mg dose while tapering (ask your doctor). It makes some sense, I guess, since this is just another reduction in dose down to zero. Anyway, it's really not that bad, and I am confident that it will get easier as I adjust more and more. The main thing is that I am a non-smoker, and even with some extra tuggings, I do not want to smoke, and I am not running around afraid that I will smoke. Instead, I continue to recognize that when I signed onto this whole quitting thing, I had decided that I was done poisoning myself, no matter what, and I still am, even if it's not always the easiest thing in the world, like right at this particular moment when the tugging is bordering on almost, but not quite, urge-level (which, in Maggie-speak, is still nowhere even near a craving).

Sometimes weekends are a little tougher for me, so it could be the reduced Chantix, or it could be the weekend, or it's probably a bit of both.

The excellent news is that not only will I not be smoking, one day at a time, this weekend, but I've got stuff going on. The Sims2 Bon Voyage (yet another expansion pack) is installed on my computer, and I only played a bit last night, so there is much to explore. I love how much fun each expansion pack is, and I think I'm going to enjoy this one, especially being able to re-create my Japanese home with all of the Asian-themed stuff, like my beloved kotatsu (that Stan just mentioned the other day - funny) of all things. I'll be helping a friend with something, and that's always a great way to not think about me and/or smoking. And you know that I'll be cooking this weekend. Depending on lots of factors, either tonight or tomorrow night will be this yummy-ness, ingredients already purchased:
I would love to cook ahead and freeze a bunch of stuff, but until we eat more of what I've been stashing in there, I need to go easy on it. I do have a different recipe planned for during the week to make some and freeze some, so I'm a happy girl.

And as I wrote more, the tuggings left entirely again. See, it's really not so bad. Just little bursts here and there.


  1. You are awesome, Maggie! Stay strong, but I don't have to tell you that because I know you will! OMG, those recipes sound delish! Let me know how they turn out!

  2. I do believe that I gain weight reading about your new recipes. I think it replaces my urges to eat! It's wonderful that you are enjoying walking even more. I worried that I wouldn't ride the week leading up to the wedding, so I made a pact with myself that I would ride everyday. It feels so good to achieve those little goals.

  3. Thank you, MsTekLady! I'll be making them today.

    Sherri, yep, it does feel good keeping up with some regular exercise, especially with all the cooking/eating!

  4. Tips on marinara sauce - if you don't want to use sugar to cut the acidity of all the tomatoes and also aren't wild about sugar substitutes, you can use an equal amount of grated carrots. You don't get any carrot flavor, but you do cut the acid. Also, I usually add marinated artichoke hearts to my marinara sauce.


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