Friday, September 21, 2007


Today is Smoke-free Day 95.

Just a quick post as the fun continues with my dear friend J visiting me.

Yesterday we had lunch at a wonderful Indian buffet because Indian food rocks, and then we headed out to the Gorge.

The Columbia River Gorge is simply plain gorgeous, and there are so many waterfalls. Below is a picture of the Gorge taken from Vista House.

There was some small hiking involved, like to Bridal Veil Falls in the middle picture above, but it was so much easier as non-smokers, and there is nothing like breathing in that delicious air and waterfall mist in big gulps of air, something I couldn't is indeed just do as a smoker. The trek up to the bridge at Multnomah Falls (far right picture) isn't so tough, but it's still easier than as a smoker, and the reward so much greater breathing in.

To the left is Latourell Falls, one I saw for the first time. We also saw Wahkeena Falls (I didn't take a picture this time, but it's been gorgeous every time).

After that, Tom cooked Jägerschnitzel (Pork Cutlets in Mushroom/Bacon Gravy), and that's always to die for and is his signature dish that keeps me in love (well, that and his coffee making magic powers).

I didn't get around to sharing the joy of the Espressotini with J and plan to tonight, but J did teach me about the very historical cocktail called the French 75.

Another smoke-free day and night with a best friend, both delighted to hang out and not wake up with a smoking hangover. Life is good. Life as a non-smoker can be that good for that much longer. We are both walking Chantix success stories, and I'm so grateful that J even told me there was such a thing. I'd probably still be sitting around thinking about quitting smoking "someday" and not enjoying stuff like Oregon's beauty to its absolute fullest. A pity, that.


  1. Beautiful! But don't you have work???? Don't tell me you're on vacation!!

  2. Wow, it's all so beautiful! Glad you are enjoying yourself. :)

  3. So that's where we get the term "gorgeous." Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great pics Maggie. Looks like you had a great hike.

  5. Stan, I'm creatively both working and not ;)

    Thanks all! Yep, it's pretty stuff out here!


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