Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Laugh? I Thought I'd Die

Today is Smoke-free Day 92.

I still can't figure out where the saying "Laugh? I thought I'd die" came from, but that's what popped into my head early this morning as I reflected on my late night with my honey watching more of The Office (probably my favorite show on tv, ever, even if we do watch a lot of stuff). We watched Season 3 to get ready for the new episodes (starting 9/27 with a one hour episode), but then we wound up going back to also watch Season 1 and Season 2. The thing about that show is that sometimes it makes me howl, as in disturbing the neighbors howl, because it is just the funniest thing ever, especially a few episodes in once you get to know the characters (very character driven show, and they do a brilliant job with keeping the characters realistic and multi-faceted, like real people).

Over and over and over I've said that one of my huge reasons to quit smoking and then stay that way was so that I could laugh without coughing, and every once in awhile I've had reason to test it. Overall, the coughing was getting less and less when I cracked up about something, and last night was the ultimate test. It was this episode (Sexual Harassment, Season 2, Episode 2) that undid me completely.

I laughed and laughed, and my sides hurt, and the cats were confused, and I couldn't speak, and I laughed even harder when I tried, and I'm sure the neighbors thought I was dying, and I laughed and laughed and laughed some more, and I truly did think it might happen, that I might die from laughing so hard...

...and I didn't cough once!

I almost cried I was so happy, but I was already crying from laughing so hard. Finally, the joy is back, and I'm no longer a smoker having to be careful how much fun I have for fear of nasty, sticky brown stuff coming up with a long and usually embarrassing coughing attack simply because I found something to be utterly hilarious.

To say that I am so thankful that Chantix worked for me and that even now off it completely I'm not a smoker would be an understatement.

I'm delighted, thrilled, ecstatic, and down right jubilant and joyful because I can laugh to death if I want, and that definitely beats the alternative.

In other quick news, tomorrow is when J arrives, and I am beside myself with excitement - the pair of us getting up to tons of no good but not smoking. Last night I realized that Target had the 6 Cup (espresso sized cups) Bialetti Moka Express, and since I love the 3 Cup but have been wishing I 'd gone with the bigger size, I couldn't resist, so that's been added to the collection - will need to be able to share my espresso with J, right? Then, lastly, the breathing thing has been manageable, but the heart flutteries and chest tightness and queasiness (can't describe it) is back, and it makes me wonder just what it was that smoking had been covering up all those years and that Chantix then held at bay for months - this happened last time I'd quit, too, and only went away when I started (stupidly) smoking again. Odd. Keeping an eye on it.


  1. You just put a big 'ol smile on my face!

  2. Maggie I love reading your post. I say this one really made me smile to know you got a good laugh and realied you can laugh have fun and carry on without hacking half a lung up!!! I am so proud of you and so glad I found you. well let me revert so glad you found ME! haha!

  3. Thank you, Chris and Tabatha! It feels really, really good to smile and to know that I made you smile, too because you both inspire me to keep going.

  4. ha ha ha!!! I could just picture you laughing while I read. I get to laughing sometimes and find it difficult to stop while tears race down my face. My daughter and grandaughter have been close to calling for the men with white coats. lol

    I'm still clearing my throat often, but I know that it will go away eventually.

    I sure hope your flutters get better soon.

    You're awesome, keep it up!

  5. Thank you, Sue. I do love to giggle. And not cough or get locked up ;)


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