Thursday, September 13, 2007

On My Own Steam

Today is Smoke-free Day 87.

As of yesterday, all of the Chantix should have been out of my system after the end of my tapering off Chantix (ask your doctor), so that means that it's all me, all the time now - with the kind and fabulous support of all of you, too, of course!

I'm not quite "cured" just yet because I still think about smoking way more than someone who has never smoked probably would, but I also don't feel in any real danger of not being able to make it through a little tugging or stronger urge or, heaven forbid, even an actual craving. For the record, I'm still not noticing much in the way of these beyond a few extra tuggings here and there since late into the taper. These are still floating around, but nothing I can't handle. The beauty of Chantix for me is that even if I do feel any of those things, it brought me so far along the path through the parts where quitting should have been horrible and almost painful but wasn't, that now I've made it too far to ever want to go back to the start again, so it's so easy to brush off thoughts of smoking without giving them any serious consideration. Maybe I'm just a tougher nut to crack or not as much of a tough cookie (or some other tough phrase), but I'm still standing firm on my statement that for me this has been and continues to be *almost* easy, but not quite all the way completely easy, even now, because I do still think about smoking and have times when I'd love to be able to if it wouldn't cost me more than I'm willing to give up anymore.

I'm not complaining in the least because previous quits have felt almost impossible, so I'll take this experience over that any day of the week. Is it Friday yet?


  1. Maggie,

    Good for you! I feel the same way. Yes there are more inklings to smoke without the Chantix, but having been on it and getting through the tough parts make it *almost* easy.

    Take care, and stay with it!

  2. I'm glad to see everything's going good after your tapering. I've read where some people had anxiety attacks and stuff coming off of chantix.

    Glad to see the tuggings are not any worse. Hope you're having a tug free day :)

  3. Maggie, you've done amazingly well, and you've been an inspiration to many of us. Keep resisting those tuggings, and I'm sure you'll make it to your first year anniversary!

  4. Many thanks Nathan, Hope and Bay. Each of you are a part of my quit, and we are all making it!

  5. Ditto - inspiration. Congratulations and thanks!

  6. Congrats, Maggie! I must agree with you about this being "almost easy". I don't want to jinx myself, but at this point, this is way too easy! So far, so good! Day after tomorrow will be 3 weeks smoke-free for me! AMAZING!!! I've made it this far before, but it was NOT this easy! In past quits, the cravings and the withdrawal symptoms were insane, so bad that I was physically exhausted and unable to keep fighting! What I find amazing this time around, is that I still have ZERO cravings and NO withdrawal symptoms - and I know it's the Chantix that's made the difference! Does Chantix make us quit smoking? Of course not, WE make ourselves quit! Chantix just helps take the edge off and soften the blow off addictive withdrawal symptoms. I am DOING IT!!! We are all doing it! Good for us! Hang it there everybody!

  7. Thanks, Chris!

    MsTek, I love how wonderfully Chantix is working for you. It's amazing and such a good thing to have even an easier go of it than lots of us. I still agree that you do get full credit now and long-term even if the Chantix is helping.


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